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Fido Fittings

Fittings which allow connection between garden hose and box heat exchanger.
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Here in the Great South Land, it's winter. To wash my dog yesterday, I had to set up a makeshift heat exchanger by stuffing as much of my garden hose as possible into a large plastic tub then filling the tub with buckets of hot water - the output was still too chilly for my old dog's comfort.

We have effective heat exchange eskies (NZish: Chilly Bins. USAish: Coolers / Ice Boxes) which can be bought or rented for chilling beer at parties - the beer is passed through a metal coil immersed in an ice slurry. What is needed is some sort of adapter fittings so that such eskies can be placed on a garden hose line. Fill the eskie with hot water. Old dirty dogs can then be washed with nice warm water.

ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 28 2004


       You could run the hose inside to a hot water tap, no? Okay, how about making the "cooler" a solar powered heat exchanger with some sort of heat sink material inside?
phoenix, Jun 28 2004

       I vote + out of sympathy for the dog. but we'd also hook up the hose to the inside tap.
dentworth, Jun 28 2004

       I always just took the dog in the shower with me.
normzone, Jun 28 2004

       [phoenix], [dentworth] yes, a fixture directly to an inside hot tap is the ideal solution, but that would be 'baked to perfection' rather than 'half-baked' :)
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 28 2004

       Some far-sighted developers are baking this already {Zanzibar] - reflecting the importance of pets in people's lives, there are some house designs that incorporate a tiled dog washing section near a rear or side entrance, with the necessary plumbing. (my dream home <sniff>)
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 29 2004

       [Zanzibar] could you post a picture of that? Or email it to me.
James Newton, Jun 29 2004

       Did anyone else think this was going to be some way to attach dogs to one another under the guise of union labor?   



       Ah, well. Bread anyway.
shapu, Jun 29 2004


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