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Find my fare 2

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Enter your location into this app and your destination. The app will tell you howmuch a cabdriver would reasonably charge you. Stops you from getting ripped of you see.

This is what I thought 21's idea would be.

zeno, Jan 03 2014

Taxi Fare Finder.com http://www.taxifarefinder.com/
Kinda like this? Available as an iPhone and iPad app. [jurist, Jan 03 2014, last modified Jan 25 2015]

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jurist, Jan 03 2014

       Yes that link is pretty much it.
zeno, Jan 03 2014

       //Not available on iPhone, but we Android users are// unable to pass up any opportunity to be unbearably smug, whether it's justified or not.
ytk, Jan 04 2014

       Even I knew about Fare Finder, and where I live when you see a taxi you shoot it and hang its lightbar over your garage door because that, my friend, is a rare trophy indeed.
Alterother, Jan 04 2014


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