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FingerBoard Mouse

ah the fingerboards
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FingerBoards were this little toys, miniature skateboards for your fingers. You could do all sorts of little tricks with them once you gained the skill.

A mouse in the shape of one of these would be very fun to use; you could amaze your friends by doing a kickflip to open Internet Explorer.

DesertFox, Dec 07 2005


       More convenient (for those of us too old to have gotten skilled with finger boards, even though we did buy some for our children), if the board was actually attached to the finger. Maybe I should post that as a separate idea.
DrCurry, Dec 07 2005

       I was always fond of the homemade paper version that you could play with when you got to sit next to the radiator at school. This was in the days of huge air over technicality in skating of course. By floating the piece of paper over the air flow of the radiator you could do grabs with your thumb while balancing with your two fingers. If the air flow was less you could pull of varials and simulated ollies. So maybe a little air vent with a theramin attachment would make for some kind of fun interface?
Ponies for Parties, Dec 07 2005

       this is genius.
daaisy, Dec 07 2005

       Actually DrC, I was thinking about that earlier. Little velcro straps to put over your fingers, if you arent any good with them. They have them for fingerboards. Or was that a fingersnowboard?   

DesertFox, Dec 07 2005

       You press harder into the rear or front of the board to left-click or right-click. You can feel a tiny little click as the wheels sink into the skate-board trucks. It would be the most satisfying feeling ever!   

       An ollie to double click, and a frontside manual to drag-n-drop.   

       Megabunz! +
spiritualized, Dec 09 2005


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