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Fixed time texting

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Key in whatever it is you want to say and then hit the 'Diarise' button below the text field, which allows you to set the transmission time and date of your choice.
Phrontistery, Jul 12 2012


       I scheduled this bun in earlier this morning. It just arrived now [+]
AusCan531, Jul 12 2012

       //And an email version as well please.//
This is doable in Microsoft Outlook by using "Delay Delivery".
calum, Jul 12 2012

       You can use a special lotion for that too.
bungston, Jul 12 2012

       I'd settle for texts that arrive within a decent time of being sent. Yesterday, I texted my wife while she was downstairs (the Textie app for iStuff is free, so we use it sort of like an intercom), but she didn't receive it until almost 90 minutes later. It wouldn't have been such a big deal if she hadn't been deeply meditating at the time.
Alterother, Jul 12 2012

       Good idea, but not actionable. Needs another idea, that tells how one would make this happen at scale. Already 7 years passed, no major OS/vendor/manufacturer had noticed.   

       Real use-case: Living on many time zones, want to write something right away, but not disturb someone's sleep? Just set the message auto- deliver at a later time...
Mindey, May 05 2019

       My phone (Samsung Galaxy X-Cover 4 running Android 8.1.0) can do this. My previous one probably could too, but I never needed it so I dunno...
neutrinos_shadow, May 05 2019

       So maybe they have that feature for SMS, but what about all the messengers? This can be generalized to scheduling actions on all apps, and require generic control of apps. That what generally OS is for. But OS had not advanced to the degree that it would master over apps and their interfaces (yet). However, it's not that hard to imagine it.
Mindey, May 07 2019

       Since I don't use any "others" I couldn't say, but I would strongly suspect that they can, if you look deep enough.
Expecting the OS to control the "inner" functions of third- party apps is a bit much, however.
neutrinos_shadow, May 07 2019

       AppleScript can do that. I doubt it's supported on iOS at all, but it's been around doing things like that on the Mac since System 7 (!).   

       On Android, there are some automation apps, the best known of which several years ago was Tasker. I believe other apps (like messaging apps) can expose functionality to these automation apps to allow themselves to be automated, though I don't know how this is done.
notexactly, May 07 2019


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