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Attaches to monitor and minitower to create a level surface.
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When trying to set up my entertainment center, I had to use a lot of duct tape to secure my N64 to my TV. This is because the top of the TV was curved so that there was no level area. I've looked around and noticed that the same applies to monitors, minitowers (mine anyway.), and many other large electronic devices. Whether this is meant to make them look sleeker and more aerodynamic, lighten the weight, or just to annoy me, I'm not sure, but it renders things pretty unstackable.

My devices would be simply trays cut into the same approximate shape as the surface they are meant to replace. They would attach to the front of your monitor/tv/whatever, and have adjustable legs to raise tha back until its level with the front. Simple, yet (I hope) effective.

nick_n_uit, May 25 2001

Bean Bag Lap Tray http://www.portmead...w/thisbeanbagt.html
This could be used for the very purpose described above. Though it migh tbe a tad twee for a "gamer" [Spidergoat, May 25 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Use the bits of polystyrene in which the appliance was packed. Or leave it in the box.
angel, May 25 2001

       I dig [Rods Tiger]'s beanbag idea. Sign me up.   

       [UnaBubba], shelves are a fine solution, too, unless you need access to the top of the stacked item (like the pop-up of a PlayStation).
MrWrong, May 25 2001

       There goes the world turning off its axis again. Like books and records, best stored on their sides but intended to be used flat, modern devices come with the best stacking surface as vertical sides.
reensure, May 25 2001

       Watch out for airflow.
egnor, May 25 2001

       In re egnor: Yeah, airflow, and heat buildup in general. Shelves--OK, but how is hanging or building or buying a set of shelves better than using a Flat-Plate? Foam rubber--not solid enough, makes the stacked objects too wobbly.
Dog Ed, May 25 2001

       I'm not using shelves/entertainment centers because my room is somewhat smaller than a typical prison cell, and i consequently have no room for such amenities. The controller cable is annoying at first, but you get used to it.
nick_n_uit, Jun 05 2001

       Baked. I bought a tray at Wal-Mart that attaches to the top of your TV (or monitor) with double sided tape. You can place a DVD player or VCR on this tray.
BMCCUE, Nov 15 2005


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