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Ultimate Office Chair

It's got it all!
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Picture this: ergonomically designed to fit the human form, Scotch Guarded, sueded polyester, zip-off upholstery(sp?), gel-filled cushions, circulation-friendly armrests, cup holder, side panel of power controls. Behold, the Ultimate Office Chair. I don't know if you guys have seen this sueded polyester stuff, but it is AWESOME! It looks, feels, and almost smells like suede leather. The cushion covers zip off for easy washing. The ergonomically designed cushions are gel-filled surrounded by the standard poly fill. I'm thinking along the lines of those gel-filled wrist rests for typing, but I thought it might be too hot and goopy without some poly fill. Gel-cushioned armrests that are height, back, and forward adjustable making them circulation-friendly. No more dead mouse hand! How about a cup holder for good measure...and it folds inside the armrest out of the way when not in use. On the left armrest is a keypad that operates all the customizeable adjustments of the chair such as: height, depth, recliner, and the retractable footrest that is located beneath the seat of the chair. For the energetic (hyperactive), this chair also swivels and rocks. So when you're waiting on that long download, there's stuff to do. Available accessories would include attachable platforms for joysticks, writing, and laptops, deluxe headrest, massage and heat options, and extra storage for manuals or whatever. The perfect chair for any computer junkie.
waxingpoetic, Dec 13 2002

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       You've forgotten the Lewinski knee-rest
thumbwax, Dec 13 2002

waxingpoetic, Dec 13 2002

       And I think you also forgot the feature which allows you to tilt back 180 degrees, pull a blanket over your self and sleep in it. You never need leave the office agian.   

       And the built in fridge.   

       Btw once when I was five I through up over a scotch guarded sofa. My mother wasn't overly pleased when she realised that my sick had penetrated it.
talen, Dec 13 2002

       So its a star trek captain's chair for the office. Maybe you could combine that with the chair on the spaceship in Sphere, to protect you from any violent acceleration/deceleration. Make it so. . .
notme, Dec 13 2002

       How about an adjustable for differnet sized bottles, cans, glasses, tubs. Make it so... (Why the hell does Pickard say that anyway?)
talen, Dec 13 2002

       And now for the obligatory bad Star Trek joke:
Picard stands at the counter of a "Singer Repair Shop", pointing to a stitching machine he's placed on the counter. "Make it sew," he says.
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 13 2002

       Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Damn that was funny. Maybe we could get Picard to supervise the machines stiching this chair?
talen, Dec 13 2002

       //The cushion covers zip off for easy washing.   


       //No more dead mouse hand!   

       In the Laundry they seem to prefer dead pigeon foot, for the concealable hand of glory, but..each to their own.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 08 2015


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