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Seat Belt for Office Chairs

Save Your Job
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It's just happened: that old aunt finally passed and you think your ship has come in. Or perhaps the email you just saw from your boss finally broke the camel's back, and you're about to jump up, wave your hands wildly, and perform the "fuck you, and you, and you, and you, and you too!" routine that you've been dying to perform for the last twenty years.

This seat belt will act to restrain such unhealthy impulses for a micro second or two, until you've had time to call your wife and verify that you, and not your annoying cousin Jimmy is getting the inheritance, and let that adrenaline drain from the reptilian parts of your nervous system so that you can go back to the productive work you so cherish.

theircompetitor, Jun 05 2017

Office chair seatbelt Office_20chair_20seatbelt
A not entirely unrelated idea [hippo, Jun 05 2017]

Seatbelt for chairs Seatbelt_20for_20chairs
I think the purpose of this one is to keep employees immobile at their desks to aid productivity... [hippo, Jun 05 2017]




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