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Under Desk Docking Station

Docking station mounted underneath your desk
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Similar to those under cabinet mounted microwaves. A docking station mounted to the underside of you desk would free up a lot of desktop real-estate. Laptop also hidden from view to help prevent theft. Seems unecessary to keep ontop of desk and due to the nature of a docking station (at least the nature of my docking station) you can not stand it up on it's side and push is back into a corner like you can a regular PC.

Other Variations would include a Vertical Standing Station, or a Wall Mounted station

blahginger, Feb 23 2001


       I have a Dell Lattitude C600 and, as far as I can tell, I could mount the dock upside down on the bottom of my desk. The laptop is engaged firmly on the rails and I don't think it would hurt it to work upside down . . . as long as it's docked the two fans run (when running on batteries it depends on convection for cooling [I think]).
bristolz, Feb 23 2001


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