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Life is Art

Mommy, the painting is changing seasons again!
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Summer is ending, and the cool of Fall is in the air. Outside, the leaves are turning red and orange and yellow. So are the trees in the painting over your fireplace!

This time controlled art form uses technology and a realtime changing "canvas" (screen) to change art - or photography to provide realistic changes to a canvas.

It could even be a slow moving storyboard - who might come and go into the house - a mystery story...what might happen if one were to really watch a house in a neighborhood - the slow changes that one might see if one didn't do anything else but stare at the house...Great conversation pieces - great when the conversation got dull - everyone could just watch the painting to see if they saw anything that moved!

It could be a flower growing in the garden. The "painting" would take as long to bloom as an actual flower. It would be Life is Art in RealTime. "RealTime Art"

A great contrast to TV - where everything happens faster than real life. Let's slow our artform down - "Almost Still Life" I'd love to be a part of this being baked!!!

cdcm, Aug 23 2003

The Picture of Dorian Gray http://www.upword.com/wilde/
[po, Oct 17 2004]

Relaxation DVD http://www.amazon.c...4240?v=glance&s=dvd
Show on a flat panel screen, hung on wall, to make a changing painting [robinism, Jan 11 2005]


       I also think that artwork that changes its lighting and details according to the time of day would be a cool gimmick. You could see the Edward Hopper diner as it looks in the morning and afternoon. People come and go and the shadows move acroos the painting.
wombat, Aug 23 2003

       wombat almost hooked me - I have a soft spot for "Nighthawks". But "Mid-Afternoonhawks" or "Late-Morninghawks" doesn't do much for me.
waugsqueke, Aug 23 2003

       Mmm, brisket...
DeathNinja, Aug 24 2003

       What [UnaBubba] said
Pericles, Aug 24 2003

       This is different than what UnaBubba said because the subject of this painting is not subject to the specific location of the viewer. Or any location--the subject could be anything, like a tape of what happened an hour ago (half-baked here and elsewhere) or a slowly changing abstract painting. I'm not saying that would be good--that'd depend on each specific execution of the concept. So I'm staying neutral on this one until a specific suject is defined, and then I'll vote, but probably [-] unless I am truly impressed.
oxen crossing, Aug 25 2003

       How relaxing would it be to have a nice breeze ruffling through your picture's trees and falling raindrops every now and then? Of course, you would also need speakers behind the picture to provide sound.
tchaikovsky, Aug 27 2003

       UnaBubba, good point. If that's all it is. If, on another hand, the artist can create a state of inspiration (or wonder, epiphiany, all the rest of what good art does) in their audience by choosing the just the right reality to represent, then the art can become valuable. Good photographers do this all the time, so given the right artist, the medium doesn't really matter. Imagine Dorothea Lange with the camera that would produce this art, creating portraits with the subject moving slightly, hair drifting in the breeze, blinking now and then. Might have been great. Also might end up fodder for Hallmark. You can't tell until you try it.
oxen crossing, Aug 27 2003

       Something vaguely related was being marketed at the drugstore today. It was a large flat box with, in front, a printed static picture of a scene with a flat body of water filling about the lower sixth of the image. This picture was back-lit by a fluorescent tube. Behind the lower part with the water, between the fluorescent tube and the screen, a spinning cylinder created moire patterns mimicking waves in the water - quite successfully so; it was mostly the bad registration of the print that gave it away as a static image. In the side of the about four-inch thick frame, a volume control allowed you to regulate your basic calming birds-and-rushing sound track. Marketed as a combination night-light and relaxation device (and general "wow" impulse buy).
jutta, Jan 08 2005

       [jutta] That sounds suspiciously like a Hamm's beer "Sky Blue Water" bar sign. Might just as easily have been Coors' Rocky Mountain rivulet. I'm not sure if either of those commercial renditions included sound effects, or if the proprietors just turned them down so that they did not compete with the on-site juke-box.
jurist, Jan 08 2005

       In my doctor's waiting room, there's a large (36 inches?) flat plasma screen, hung on the wall like a painting, hooked to a DVD player, with a continuous display of "relaxation" DVDs. Mostly nature scenes. (Water falls, changing light, turning galaxies). It always makes me feel better before seeing the doctor. It has the effect of a subtly changing painting.
robinism, Jan 11 2005


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