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Escalator Aerobics

A warm-up aid
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Every Health Club I've visited or joined had two levels. On the bottom level they had an indoor track, an indoor pool, weights, machines (stair steppers, rowing, etc), half-courts for basketball and racquetball. On the second level they had classrooms for aerobics, tae-bo, general health education, administrative offices. What I propose is to have an escalator leading up to the second level. Only thing is this escalator goes the "wrong" direction. This way, when you go to your class you get a little warm-up before the actual class begins and are in a better warm-up condition. Think of it like a stair-stepper machine.
barnzenen, Oct 21 2002


       With that in mind you can burn off this croissant!
Miss Weston Smith, Oct 21 2002

       People have died going up the down escalator.
kaz, Oct 21 2002

       The whole point of having an escalator in a heath club is pretty funny itself.
dag, Oct 21 2002

       People would be tempted to cheat the escalator and go up the one actually going up. A one-way turnstile would be needed to prevent this. And a guy in the back room playing with the speed controls whenever a particularly flabby customer tried to go up.
BinaryCookies, Oct 21 2002

       I can see and possibly hear the introduction of escalator music.
skinflaps, Oct 22 2002

       [dag], that's nothing, nearly every liesure centre I've used in the UK has a canteen selling crisps and chips (that's chips and fries in U.S. English).
egbert, Oct 22 2002

       or chips and hot chips in Australia
Gulherme, Oct 22 2002

       and gravy
skinflaps, Oct 22 2002

       yay [+] just another ridiculous thing in a health club i say make 'em climb rope instead of going to all the trouble of putting in an escalator
flyfast, Jun 05 2003


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