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Foam Finger / Aggression Stick

Multi-purpose tool for use with Autos, Office, and the General Public
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Have we all seen those novelty oversized foam hands with the pointer finger pointing straight up in the air, saying "We're #1" at sporting events? I have always looked at those thinking that they are using the wrong finger.

I want a foam hand flipping the bird. I want it in a bright neon yellow that is highly visible to all. I want a 2x4 sticking from the wrist so I can proudly display my opinion out the sunroof of my car when that no good bastard cuts me off. And when that jerk gets offended and runs me off the road? I now have a padded "Bitch-be-Good" stick to use to help understand our differeces. And after a swift but thorough exchange of ideas, I can relish in the fact I can only get an assault charge and not attempted murder after the arguer is effectively beaten into submission.

My Pet Bird Hideous_20Pecking_20Bird
Now available with a bright red beak [xenzag, Jul 18 2006]

this place says they have the *middle finger* scroll halfway down http://www.promobra...oamfingerprices.htm
there aren't any pictures of them, though [xandram, Jul 18 2006]

(?) well, maybe one. http://www.imprintz...middle%20finger.gif
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 18 2006]


       This has only been posted for three minutes and already got a bone. That's a personal best/worst for me.   

       you can borrow my pet bird.... too much anger TAC. You should invent the "Groovy Hand of Calm" as an alternative, and chill out as others fume instead of joining them.
xenzag, Jul 18 2006


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