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French Fries Prefilled with Ketchup
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I know there was a suggestion for ketchup flavored fries, but this was my 11 yo son's idea to prefill the fries with ketchup. How to fry without heating the ketchup is the big problem right now... In heinz-sight, this may not work...
mangoandy, Feb 20 2005

Condiment Wars! Condiment_20Wars
[DesertFox, Feb 20 2005]

Filled Franks Filled_20Franks
close [FarmerJohn, Feb 20 2005]


       You'll need to hunts down a flash frier. (Oh, and +, by the way).
bristolz, Feb 20 2005

       You could freeze the ketchup into spaghetti-thin needles and then fire these lengthwise into the just-cooked fries....
Basepair, Feb 20 2005

       sauce syringes?
benfrost, Feb 20 2005

       Tomatoes and potatoes don't just rhyme but are botanically related, leading to a future monk-crossed ketchup french fry plant.
FarmerJohn, Feb 20 2005

       The funny thing is, I had thought of this yesterday. +
DesertFox, Feb 20 2005

       I'll just have two please.   

       [Basepair], I think you're got it [freeze the ketchup into spaghetti-thin needles and then fire these lengthwise into the just-cooked fries], but when the weaponsmiths start hopping up the firing mechanism we're going to have a new arms race on our hands.   

       Although I guess the inconvenience of having to maintain a refrigerated ammunition source will probably prevent me carrying one for self defense.   

       [bristolz], I'm moaning in pain at the realization of your anno. It took me this long to catch up.
normzone, Feb 20 2005

       Already baked, literally. I remember having these as a child, they were oven chips and came frozen. I don't remember much about the taste, but I do know they were distinctly dissapointing.   

       I've also got a recipe for ketchup filled chips, cooked in hay (seriously) somewhere.. the filling involves a painstaking syringing process.
morgen, Feb 20 2005

       Yummy! [+]
Pericles, Feb 20 2005

       Keep trying, my fries have unique 'companion food' holding abilities. You've been trained so well by tunnel vision cooks everywhere to eat potatoes coated. I laugh at the sixteenth century cooking techniques handed down so meticulously. Not much of a dowry.
mensmaximus, Feb 20 2005

       Frozen ketchup needles? Arms race? Sounds like the Condiment Wars!
DesertFox, Feb 20 2005

       Weapons of mass insertion?   

       Good idea, but not sure about the name. "Fretchups" sound a little worrying to me.
lostdog, Feb 20 2005

       <Tomatoes and potatoes don't just rhyme...>   

       Can I raise a small English objection at this point?
Basepair, Feb 20 2005

       funny, I just knew you were a small english object. tough time rising? ;)
po, Feb 20 2005

       [Basepair] Were you looking for these: """"?
FarmerJohn, Feb 20 2005

       That's strictly between me and my proctologist.
Basepair, Feb 20 2005

       FarmerJohn - You have double quotes!!! We've not been able to get these in England since the early years of the war. Oh bugger, I just wasted my last apostrophe too.
Basepair, Feb 20 2005

       Hola [lost]! Where have you been?
Pericles, Feb 21 2005

       From the Texas Trailer Cookbook, 2006:   

       First, fry your fries. Then insert frozen ketchup, cheese and mayo straws. Coat stuffed fry in batter and fry. When golden, remove from fat and allow to cool slightly. Roll in flour then beaten egg yolk and finally bread crumbs. Repeat breading process and fry in lard. When golden, remove from lard and refrigerate. After cooling wrap in bacon strips, pining with toothpicks as necessary. Shallow fry, turning constantly. Roll bacon covered, breaded, battered, stuffed chips in a mix of three parts ghee and two parts dessicated coconut. Pat down firmly and dust with icing sugar. Prepare large vat of dessert chocolate and dip coat all items. Repeat to build two centimeter layer around each item. Arrange prepared chips on a large platter and cover whole in canned dairy whip. Serve with diet Coke.
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 21 2005

       After the chocolate, you need to batter and deep-fry them again.
The icing sugar is to give an outline of the corpse for forensic purposes.
angel, Feb 21 2005

       Drop the "F" for a better title.
bristolz, Feb 21 2005

       [FarmerJohn] //leading to a future monk-crossed ketchup french fry plant// I assume you are referring to the deep fat friar?
fridge duck, Feb 21 2005

       Ha! While I don't like ketchup on my fries (I still take vinegar with my chips), this seems like a viable idea. Croissant.
DrCurry, Feb 21 2005

       Rather than inserting the ketsup, you could make a kind of ketsup sandwich from two half-fries. The half fries would be low and flat, with a groove to hold the ketsup. Or like an extruded V. Once assembled, they would look as if the ketsup had been inserted.
After frying, the half-fries are combined with ketsup-strips, and self-organize into ketsup-sandwiches, held together by potato starch. (magic is allowed in annos, right?)
robinism, Feb 21 2005

       I thought this was going to be some sort of frangible ketchup. I'm actually kind of disappointed.
shapu, Feb 21 2005

       <Off topic, as usual> There is a great New Yorker cartoon with two cats peering over the edge of a table looking at a bottle labeled "Catsup." One cat is remarking to the other, "Makes you wonder, doesn't it?"
bristolz, Feb 21 2005

       Exhibit A. An eleven year old's idea remains unimproved.   

       Pneumatically punch holes in potato slices to pick up 'fillings' but people who can't take their fingers off of keyboards; you'll just have to dream about it.
mensmaximus, Feb 22 2005

       [robinism] that production method would enable a rebranding from 'French Fries' (or for the gallophobic - 'shoestring potatoes') to 'pencil fries'.
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 22 2005


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