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Generalization of Advanced Scroll-bars with Document Preview

Take simple dektop scroll-bar class, and extend it to include main window preview.
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To those who use vi editor, but get to know about the Sublime Text editor, it may occur that it is really convenient to have a wide scroll-bar with the whole code written in very tiny font in it.

It can be useful not for a single editor, but for any GUI application that has a document that needs scrolling.

Hence, the idea is to generalize it at the desktop environment level.

Imagine: your favorite terminal emulator with an option of such scroll-bar.

Inyuki, Aug 17 2014

Sublime Text Scrollbar (Image) http://www.tecmint..../Sublime-Text-3.png
[Inyuki, Aug 17 2014]


       Witchcraft and heresy! You'll have my 80x25 terminal when you pry it from my cold, dead hands. [+]
Spacecoyote, Aug 18 2014

       Please don't fix it. I like the word "dektop". Sounds so William Gibson.
normzone, Aug 18 2014

       [Spacecoyote] Thanks. Appreciate it! :)   

       [normzone] I see! Didn't notice that typo! My keyboard is getting broken..
Inyuki, Aug 19 2014


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