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Adjustable Scrollbar Settings

Just a bit too fast to scan-read.
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Yes, I know you can buy mice and things with variable auto-scrolling, but this is for the office PC, where I'm lucky to have a mouse at all, let alone a three-button. There should be a Windows setting somewhere that allows you to adjust the 'scroll-down' button speed to your personal reading speed, which would make scanning through lists that much easier.
RayfordSteele, Jun 17 2003


       My understanding was that it is your finger that determines the "scroll down" speed, by the frequency with which it hits the down arrow or page down keys.   

       If you are talking about the repeat frequency on those keys when held down, then you can already adjust that using the Keyboard section of the Control Panel.   

       (Btw, this very much comes off as a "me-too," trying to work around your very specific problem that doesn't apply more generally.)
DrCurry, Jun 17 2003

       So he wants it like the credits after a movie. Nothing wrong with an idea that would add options to the Windows interface.
phundug, Jun 17 2003

       I'm talking about the arrows at the top and bottom of the scrollbar. They're simply useless, otherwise. Doesn't the button simply jog one line down? And I like my keyboard repeat rate the way it is; everything else is simply agonizingly slow.   

       Donating all croissants to Mr. Burns for that.
RayfordSteele, Jun 20 2003

       [Mr B] Thanks for illustrating the point that MS offers too many useless options.   

       [RS] I agree, it would be nice, but people who are always up to date now have the new mind reading scroll bar arrows that always scroll when and where you want. They also don't work in offices that still use 8086 based computers. Those people will never understand, however I do. +
kbecker, Jun 20 2003

       Mind-reading isn't quite necessary, they have eye-tracking technology out there, somewhere.
RayfordSteele, Jun 20 2003


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