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Screen-edge auto-scroll

Auto-scroll at the screen-edge for partially off-screen windows
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Many applications will auto-scroll if you try to drag beyond the edge of the window. (Example: you can select several pages of text in Word by clicking at the start and dragging to the window bottom; the text then scrolls up automatically. The same also happens from left to right if you have document wider than the window). HOWever, this doesn't work if part of your window is off-screen: your mouse hits the screen edge (but not the window edge), and doesn't activate the auto-scroll. This is annoying, particularly in graphics programs.

So, make applications accept "screen edge" as the trigger for autoscrolling, if the window extends beyond that edge of the screen.

Basepair, Mar 07 2005


       I like this. It would be good for small monitors.
-----, Mar 08 2005

       Or big windows :-)
Basepair, Mar 08 2005

       No, definitely not, out of the question. But that's not to say that someone who knew what they were doing couldn't.
Basepair, Mar 08 2005

       brilliant idea. fine work [Base].
neilp, Mar 08 2005

       I've seen something simular on some linux/W window systems. A desktop larger than the screen, scrolling when the mouse reaches the screen edge.
silicon wizard, Mar 08 2005

       Ah - in which case I accept redundancy. Was it the whole desktop that scrolled, or window contents?
Basepair, Mar 08 2005


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