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Touch-roller computer-mouse

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On web pages, when you need to scroll down pages, how about something that doesn't irritate the bejeezus out of anyone in the same room?

First the computer mouses (mice?) were simple: point, click, drag.

Then came the second generation: point, click, rotate plastic click wheel.

I suggest the third generation: point, click, gently run finger down touch-sensitive strip.

Am I the only one who, upon hearing a work colleague or student in the library relentlessly rotating the obnoxious click-wheel, feels the need to consciously restrain myself from standing up, walking over, and ripping the mouse out of their hands?

I propose a small touch-sensitive strip, where the rotate wheel is usually places, so you can point, click, and then gently (and SILENTLY) run your middle finger down the strip and have the same effect as the click-wheel.

we_dont_eat_them, May 17 2007

Saitek Obsidian mouse http://gizmodo.com/...by-touch-253235.php
Saitek's Obsidian Mouse Scrolls By Touch [xaviergisz, May 17 2007]

Silent mouse wheel http://www.engadget...se-kills-the-click/
Other options are click-less mouse wheels. This is only one example, there are many. [TheLightsAreOnBut, May 17 2007]


       aw. they pre-empted me.
we_dont_eat_them, May 17 2007

       this is already sort of baked already though. i know that all the new mac laptops have a function where when you put down two fingers on the pad you can then scroll by dragging.
tcarson, May 17 2007

       I have one of those clickwheels things. But I can also click it just like the other buttons. When I do, a circle with two arrows in it appears magically. One arrow down, one up. When I then move the mouse, the ghost like image of these arrows slide out of the circle. The further away from the circle they get, the faster the scrolling happens. Completely soundless, almost effortless.
zeno, May 18 2007


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