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Logarithmic search bar

A better way to jump through media
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All the search bars I've dealt with are linear, which is a pain when you want to do major leaps, or minor nudges. Usually I have to resize the window in order to get the amount of jumping that I want.

It would be nice to have a search bar that moves the current position in a media file little when you move the cursor to a point close to the current position, and a lot when you move it far away. This would be a logarithmic search bar.

So, if you want to jump ahead little tiny steps, you click close to the current position indicator, and it moves a little bit. So you have fine control when you are close to the point that you want. However, if you want to jump ahead a lot, click far from the cursor.

The end result is that the closer the current position marker is to the point you want to be at, the less it will move when you click near it.

lawpoop, Nov 19 2004

a logarithmic graph http://library.thin...a/alg2_expgraph.gif
This is the function that the search bar would use. [lawpoop, Nov 19 2004]


       I think you mean a seek bar, but cool idea.
Face, Nov 20 2004

       Yes, that's right. Seek bar.
lawpoop, Nov 20 2004

       The bottom of the desktop in OSX uses a different interpretation of the same basic idea. And it works. [+]
wagster, Nov 20 2004


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