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Golf Skeet

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All events are 7 Iron - you may use other clubs, but any other club will be classified as 7 Iron.
In absence of clay pigeons, birds may be *actual* pigeons.
Sand Trap will shoot 50 targets at 16 yards.
Skeet will shoot 50 targets.
International Golf Skeet will be 50 birds using International Golf Skeet rules.
Golf Skeet doubles will be shot using NSGA format of 50 birds.
Modern Golf Skeet will be 50 birds.
Sporting Clays and 5 Stand: a) 5 Iron or smaller. b) Event will be a 50 bird shoot.
Modified International Trap will be 50 birds; the participants may shoot twice at each target.
Classes (A, B, C) will be determined by the Lewisgirl method after all participants shoot. The top scoring third of all participants will be placed in Class A. The middle third will be placed in Class B and the lowest scoring third will be placed in Class C.

Sand Trap will follow Amateur Sand Trap Association (ASTA) rules.
Golf Skeet will follow National Golf Skeet Shooting Association (NGSSA) rules.
Golf Sporting Clays will follow National Golf Sporting Clays Association (NGSCA) rules.
AGA and NGSSA approved golf balls only.
Second-hand/Driving Range balls may be used.
Failure to use approved "ammunition" will result in disqualification.
Golf shoes are required, unless you're a halfbaker.
International Golf Skeet will use International Golf Skeet rules.
thumbwax, Sep 23 2002

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       We could not be so lucky.. Anything in there for endangered species of skeet?
Mr Burns, Sep 23 2002

       I cannot get the grasp of what is happening here.
skinflaps, Sep 24 2002

       Obviously you belong in Class C - or - you're trying to obscure your elves jealousy for not having thought of this wonderful idea.
It's very simple - the "shooter" hits a golf ball in an effort to hit the moving target - being skeet/clay pigeons. Difficult, but not impossible - though if someone actually hits one - it's newsorthy. When this becomes an Olympic Sport, I have no doubt it will have the highest ratings/wagers/replays/prices for scalped tickets, etc.
thumbwax, Sep 24 2002

       UB - it's not just you. //International Golf Skeet will use International Golf Skeet rules.// - well, golly, and there was I thinking that it would use the Prime Directive or something.
PeterSilly, Sep 24 2002

       Oh gawd - just *pretend* there are rules which our International bunch of halfbakers is up to proposing. Toss any rule in - they'll be rubberstamped automagically.
thumbwax, Sep 24 2002


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