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Goose Chair

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This is a chair with the ability to pinch the seated individuals bottom.

The feature could be triggered on demand or set to surprise.

This chair feature could be used to make people feel wanted or it could be used to punish people for bad behavior.

vfrackis, Jul 13 2014

Japanese massage chair http://www.inada-ma...cpwg1000/index.html
...more moving parts than the Apollo 11 moon shot [not_morrison_rm, Jul 14 2014]

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       Absolutely must be in the shape of a sitting goose. Must be. +
blissmiss, Jul 13 2014

       You had me at "goose".
Voice, Jul 13 2014

       You should run it past the Japanese massage chair makers, it'd just be one more function. See link.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 14 2014


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