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High Rise Tents Park

Multi Storey tents park
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High Rise Tents are an enlarged version of those canvas shoe holders that hang up your closet, only each separate cell represents a living/sleeping compartment. The tents would be hung from a grid of stout cables and anchored a few feet above the ground by guy ropes to prevent them spinning around like chinese lanterns on a windy day and launching their inhabitants in every direction. Tents would be accessed by a simple rope ladder. They would come in range of sizes and extras, with en suite facilities etc being serviced by flexible plumbing conduits. Advantages - high density tent dwelling. Disadvantages - no cooking please.
xenzag, Oct 10 2005


       Make it a high-rise bouncy castle and you get my bun.
Adze, Oct 10 2005

       I was coming to that... so now YOU get my bun!
xenzag, Oct 10 2005

       Seems to me I have seen apicture of Japanese office workers bunked down for a nap in what looks like a honeycomb. Similar but different. Good for super crowded camping parks. +
PollyNo9, Oct 10 2005

       What's wrong with spinning?
kaeru, Oct 11 2005

       No camp fires either,one lick of a flame and the whole lot would go up...The headlines would read 'High rise bone fire!' still like the idea +++
100 percent, Oct 12 2005

       One sci fi writer had something similar referred to as a tube rack - picture a storage rack holding pieces of PVC pipe large enough to furnish and live inside. You could have it taken down and shipped to other locations.   

       But this tent treehouse gets my bun.
normzone, Oct 12 2005


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