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Graph ideas by date

I want to know how many ideas I had, when
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So I can keep track of the degeneration of my mind.
Voice, Feb 27 2011

Click here http://www.halfbake...0sorted_20by_20date
[pocmloc, Feb 27 2011]

Try this, [MB] http://www.halfbake...0sorted_20by_20date
[Jinbish, Feb 27 2011]

another view for the statistically minded http://www.halfbake...number_20of_20ideas
[xaviergisz, Feb 28 2011]

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       [POCMLOC] - HOW'D YOU DO DAT????
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 27 2011

       not tellin
pocmloc, Feb 27 2011

       Do it for me do it for me!!!
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 27 2011

       That is probably the most amazing thing I have seen since teatime. And I can say that, even though Spunt, the junior molecatcher, insisted on doing that trick with his thumb to amuse the children as we passed him this evening.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 27 2011

       Cursory examination of referenced links indicates apparent mind degeneration.
rcarty, Feb 28 2011

       Hey Max, see my link. Amazed? Your next idea will be your 200th.
xaviergisz, Feb 28 2011

       Oh, OK. So, everybody knows how to do clever view things except Old Max, the almost-bicentenarian, huh?   

       Has anyone got a spare huff I can borrow to go off in?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 28 2011

       [Max] - if you create a new 'view' or edit an existing view and save it with no name, it won't do anything to your existing view, but it will give you a URL for the view which you can post elsewhere. That's all [poc], [jin] and [xav] are doing.

[phoenix] is one short of 200 as well. And I'm amazed how many ideas [xenzag] has.
hippo, Feb 28 2011

       And bungston is closing in on top spot.   

       Max, don't rush into your bicentennial, it'll appear in good time. I'll illustrate it if you can manage a 'tangible' invention.
xaviergisz, Feb 28 2011

       Oooh! Now there's an offer - many thanks. I may post "prime number post-codes" as my 201st instead, then.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 28 2011

       [JinBish], I thought you'd have defined a XSLT stylesheet to generate SVG from HB's RSS version!
Hang on, I appear to be speaking in TLAs. O,T,U... OMG, I am!

       [edit] Sorry, [Jin], I thought it was easier, or my XML/RSS/XSLT synapse is on strike at the mo.
(Perhaps Jutta fancies adding a pure XML feed view, with each idea having nicely separated-out attributes such as Name, Category, URI (RSS's esource), Fish, Bun, ...) - Possible to do with the current RSS format, but better XSLT skills than I posses at the moment would be required.
Dub, Mar 01 2011

       ...or S'Xpress?
hippo, Mar 01 2011

       No, both SVG, XSLT AND Xpath synapses. I've quite forgotten how to extract shaped text (e.g. teh title, fish/bun info from "{%s} ({%f}: {%d})" shaped text in an attribute). There's a very handy (browser based) tool out there for visualizing Xpath stuff
Dub, Mar 01 2011

       I am so impressed with the depth of knowledge around here, at times.
blissmiss, Mar 01 2011

       Hi artes obscuras.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 01 2011

       [MaxwellBuchanan] Hi Lingua Obscura
Dub, Mar 02 2011

       Maybe just make a separate category for graph ideas. There are only 5 or 6.
bungston, Mar 02 2011

       //Hi Lingua Obscura//   

       Hi, Dub.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 02 2011


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