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Gun Loudener

alternative to silencer/flash-eliminators
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A parabolic reflector is placed over the business end of the barrel to direct the sound and flash to the fore of the rifle, making it _more_ noticeable to anybody downrange and _less_ eyesight/hearing-damaging to the shooter and those around them.

Disclaimers, pedantry:
antithetical for hunting, recoil would be increased somewhat, best with subsonic munitions, may require some design compromise for flush-mounted sights.

Conical flash-suppressors exist but, while they might block some noise, they wouldn't redirect it to any extent.

(title borrowed from The Simpsons: [ytk]'s <link>)

FlyingToaster, Aug 28 2012

Simpsons - Gun Shop http://www.youtube....watch?v=xIpLd0WQKCY
“Silencer… Loudener… Speed-cocker…” [ytk, Aug 28 2012]


       // recoil would be increased //   

       Disputed. Recoil largely arises from conservation of momentum; the product of projectile mass and velocity.   

       While a muzzle brake can have a small effect on recoil, this design adds to the overall mass of the weapon, thus reducing recoil.   

       The gas flow from the muzzle will be essentially unaffected by a parabolic shield.
8th of 7, Aug 28 2012

       [ytk]'s link seems to bake this idea. I'm wondering how you're going to site through this thing - using a camera on the front side of it and an LCD on the back? Should make for some interesting holster configurations.
normzone, Aug 28 2012

       AR15 owners would use both this and a flash hider at the same time.
DIYMatt, Aug 28 2012

       //recoil ... disputed// Rockets, for instance, seem to work better when a paraboloid bell is added to them. At some cost to the original purpose, it could be used to mitigate muzzle jump somewhat.   

       //[ytk]'s link// The design of The Simpsons' Gun-Shop loudener is a convex blunderbuss curve that wouldn't work. ("gun loudener" certainly works better as an HB title though... but.. but... it's a serious'ish post... hmm)   

       //how you're going to site// Optimum size is quite dependent on barrel-length and powder load. If it impinges on the sight picture it can be flattened in the middle with decreased effectiveness.   

       [DIYMatt] this would act to reduce muzzle flash to the operator as well.
FlyingToaster, Aug 29 2012

       Mostly this would be for crowd control, I guess. It would be good with crowd control "screamer" shells that make a terrifying shreik as they bear down on looters / protestors / immigrants etc.
bungston, Aug 29 2012

       huh ? no.   

       It's envisioned as being a useful accessory for rifles which chamber subsonic ammunition (.22lr, pistol-cartridges, pellets), for target-shooting and plinking.   

       Higher power guns as well except it won't do anything for the noise of the bullet passing through the air; even hunting if you don't mind the target running away if you miss the first shot.   

       Behind the sights the operator isn't as deafened or temporarily blinded.
FlyingToaster, Aug 29 2012

       // Rockets ... a paraboloid bell is added... could be used to mitigate muzzle jump somewhat. //   


       The reaction mass of the propellant gasses is very small compared with the projectile, and they are traveling at the same velocity; hence the reason that "recoilless" weapons use huge amounts of propellant, and special nozzles.   

       Blank cartridges have no recoil per se ...   

       Rockets have a sustained flow of propellant gasses, not a single brief push.   

       You might achieve some directionality to the sound, but don't make any claims about recoil. If you do, we have very good lawyers who will come round in the night and break all your windows.   

       // hunting if you don't mind the target running away if you miss the first shot. //   

       That's why, when you have the sights on your target, you get your loader to check the belt isn't kinked and then move the change lever to "A" ...
8th of 7, Aug 29 2012

       So why is the perceived recoil of a Jungle Carbine greater than a No.4 ? (which presumably would be greater than a Long Lee). Take your time: no points are awarded for sloppy work.   

       Newton "equal and opposite reaction", so whenever a gas is herded into direction A, there's a push at A-.
FlyingToaster, Aug 29 2012

       I have to say, I think there is definitely some recoil arising from the propellant gasses, and thought I'd read a paper on that somewhere.   

       Most recoil attenuatiung muzzle breaks have a twofold effect whereby not only are you eliminating the direct recoil of the forwards-escaping gasses, but you're actually redirecting them somewhat rearward. This can be quite effective.   

       Secondly, you say the gasses are moving at projectile speed, I say they would accelerate immediately after the projectile gets out of the way. You would then say this acceleration happens clear of the barrel and won't contribute to thrust, I'll think for a second, and then say that at least 50% of the propellant gasses contianed within the barrel will escape "well" after the projectile is clear, ie the venting of the gasses takes a finite time, and the average propellant gas velocity at the muzzle would spike shortly after bullet exit due to pressure difference, before dropping off due to lower pressure. I've seen super slow motion film of propellant gasses overtaking the projectile that would somewhat support this. This must produce noticeable thrust.   

       Then we get to talk about relative masses. For a 5.56mm bullet, youve got maybe 55 grains of projectile and maybe 20 grains of propellant, depending on setup. So the propellant is 20/75 = 26% of the total ejected mass, meaning it contributes, at minumum, 25% of the recoil. I say a little more due to the jetting effect I mentioned earlier.
Custardguts, Aug 30 2012


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