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gun satellite detector

this will allow the police to have trace on your gun.
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when you buy a gun from anywhere even the internet you have to take it to the police and get 1, a fingerprint on the gun and one for the police to keep. 2, when you buy a gun it has to have a automic satlite devise where the police can track you down at any time by putting a identy gun number in which you have to have when you buy your gun.
danielwelch91, Feb 23 2004


       So everyone who already owns a gun--listen up. Take it to your local police station so they can get your prints. Sweet deal.
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 23 2004

       I wouldn't mind owning a gun that had fingerprints - it would come in it's own glove, I hope. And if it was stolen, if it couldn't dial my phone number, then the [automic satlite devise] could locate it for me.
normzone, Feb 23 2004

       What will prevent anyone who intends to use the firearm criminally from declining to register it and disabling the tracking device?   

       Also, how much do you know about ballistic fingerprinting? It is nowhere near as precise as police dramas suggest.   

       If a firearm is recovered by police shortly after it's believed to have been used in a crime, police can do ballistics comparison and discover whether it's likely or unlikely to be the same firearm as fired a particular crime-scene bullet. On the other hand, firearm ballistic markings change as a firearm is used, and can also be changed by cleaning or by scrubbing with hard abrasive. For competitive shooters who fire thousands or rounds per week, a ballistics fingerprint would become useless in less than a month; for a crook with some sandpaper, a ballistics fingerprint could become useless in less than an hour.
supercat, Feb 23 2004

       A law was attempted to have people come in a register their guns in California about 30 years ago. The permise was, if the law passed, and after a discretonary period, you were picked up by the police and had possesion of a firearm (even unloaded) that had not been registered, then it could be implied that the inteded use of the firearm was criminal, and you could be put in jail. (At the time, all the police could do was confiscate the weapon.) The law fell flat. It got maybe 15% of the vote.   

       I really doubt that people will go for embedded GPS chips.
InsanityKlaus, Feb 23 2004


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