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HB Category Search

Easily search a categogy before adding your idea
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After I post my idea, re-categorizing my idea is easy. But, I'd like to search for ideas by category before I post my idea, in order to ensure my idea isn’t redundant.

For example, I know I want to post my idea under "computer links." I could view a list of all categories and then expand the category to view all ideas in the category (all on one page, not abbr.).

Better yet, there could be a ‘Category Search’ field. For example, I know I want to post my idea under "computer links." I type "computer links" into the ‘Category Search’ field. All possible categories that match my search criteria are displayed and I can easily pick the most logical one.

flynn, Jan 14 2007

Use this list and do a text search on it. http://www.halfbake...:t=All_20Categories
List of all halfbakery categories [phundug, Jan 14 2007]

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       The category system isn't very good (or logical, or predictable), and ideas often span different major categories. What's the problem with just searching the whole site for the keywords from your idea?
jutta, Jan 14 2007

       I posted a link which I use constantly (a smart person on the halfbakery gave it to me). It lists every category we have. Give it some time to load.   

       Only weird thing is that on some connections it truncates a few pages down and stops loading.
phundug, Jan 14 2007

       [jutta] I'd just like the 'category filter' to give me an idea of where my idea might fit. I realize that one idea might span multiple categories. But, if the possible categories were narrowed down to a select few, it would be much easier to make the choice.   

       PS> Nice to meet you, jutta... I've heard good things about you.
flynn, Jan 15 2007

       [phundug] Thanks for the list!
flynn, Jan 15 2007

       I think hunting for the correct category is part of the fun of the 'bakery. I've been shot down on a couple of ideas, but I protested "No, really, it's funny when you look at the category choice".
normzone, Jan 15 2007

       For me, it's a necessary evil.
flynn, Jan 15 2007

       Jutta, you encourage using search instead of categories. How about after "Category", instead of "pick one" it could say "(optional)"?
thesteve, Apr 21 2007

       It isn't optional - every post gets exactly one category. (And then it probably gets moved around, so it's no big deal if the category isn't totally right.)   

       What I suggest people do, if they do want to spend time on this, is to use "search" to find similar ideas to their own; then consider the categories that those ideas are in for their new post, rather than expecting to search in the set of categories directly.
jutta, Apr 21 2007

       If I do a search for keywords that describe my idea, I'll find similar ideas, listed by the name of the idea, followed by snippets of text which contain the words which I searched for. The page with the search results *doesn't* include the categories of the ideas found; if I want to know that, I have to go look at each idea directly.
goldbb, Mar 17 2009

       Firstly, you don't have to look at each idea - just until you settle on a category you find is a good match.   

       Secondly, aren't you already looking at similar ideas to see what's out there, avoid duplicate posts, and such?
jutta, Mar 18 2009


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