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HB Stocks

For when we screw up
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Bakers who screw up would be placed in "stocks" to be observed and ridiculed by other bakers until they have served their time for their own special crime against the bakery.

I envision this taking the form of an idea with a general classification of the indiscretion.

jhomrighaus, Dec 19 2006

Hofbräuhaus in Munich http://www.hofbraeu...de/en/index_en.html
[Bane] meant this place. [squeak, Dec 20 2006]

(?) Nobody likes it but it inspired this... HB_20Bonds
[jhomrighaus, Dec 20 2006]


       So we aren't going to start investing in halfbakery enterprises?
hidden truths, Dec 19 2006

       Aren't we already ridiculed when we screw up?
pertinax, Dec 19 2006

       // Aren't we already ridiculed when we screw up?// Yeah really. I suppose HB Stocks is when a really bad idea stays up at the top of the list by being ridiculed on a daily basis.
MoreCowbell, Dec 19 2006

       Apparently I'm an idiot. For some odd reason The first thought I had when seeing the HB in the title was that your idea involved the HofBrau house in Mnichov.uuurrrrrrt!! Mental breaks squeeling. your idea is a little strange but I say give it a whirl.
Bane, Dec 19 2006

       I seem to keep missing all the exciting bits! Damn that transatlantic time-delay!
zen_tom, Dec 19 2006

       Bane, was that code, or a random selection of cryptic clues from today's crossword?
david_scothern, Dec 19 2006

       //Aren't we already ridiculed when we screw up?// Why wait for people to screw up?   

       Stocks keep people from running, which takes the sport out of observing and ridiculing. [-]
baconbrain, Dec 19 2006

       /self throws manky turnip at jhomrighaus. Only one, mind... no sense beating a man when he's down. Plus, this other turnip's OK and I fancy some soup.
david_scothern, Dec 19 2006

       I was considering a similar sort of deal recently. The idea to be ridiculed would be stripped of all personal identifications then placed in an unannotateable "stocks" category as an example of what is bad.
bungston, Dec 20 2006


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