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Let the Bun Shine

When it's raining fishbones, it's depressing
(+1, -1)
  [vote for,

1 - One and 1/2 bun
3 - One bun
5 - Half bun
2 - Empty
13 - Half bone
2 - One bone
2 - One and half bone

That's today's average. Notice anything in particular?

Perhaps you are depressed by all the bones scattered throughout the ideas. I know I'm starting to. What I propose, is that when there is an overload of negative ideas, annotate a kind note to a heartwarming and good idea. Perhaps this would cheer up the dreary mood a bit. Which would you rather see, Solar Asteroid Empire, or Elephants-On-A-Rope?

ghillie, May 11 2004


       U are so sweet!
po, May 11 2004

ghillie, May 11 2004

       Thanks, [jutta]!
ghillie, May 11 2004

       The half bun is up to 20, [ghillie]. Things aren't so bad.
k_sra, May 11 2004

       My count includes the ideas that have been created in the past 24 hrs, so it doesn't include old ideas. I posted this about 5:00 (eastern).
ghillie, May 11 2004

       Appreciate the intent, but my solution to the problem would be for people to write fewer stupid ideas in the first place.
waugsqueke, May 11 2004

       Perfect idea, waugs! Yeah, I'll stop right away.   


*fishboned idea pops up*

*another dumb idea*

*and another*

       You can't really tell trolls to stop writing stupid ideas. You know they don't usually listen. The only people who would listen to your suggestion would be the people who don't write dumb ideas.
ghillie, May 11 2004

       Not arguing with you waugs, by the way! :)
ghillie, May 11 2004

       Well obviously.
waugsqueke, May 11 2004

       I'm happy to say that buns outnumber bones by exactly 2:1 (42 to 21)! :D
ghillie, May 11 2004

       Thanks for fixing the apostrophes. I feel much better now.   

       But seriously, please don't do this. ("Bumping" up ideas because you'd like them to get more attention, regardless of whether you've got anything to add.)   

       If it becomes annoying enough to notice, I can defend against it by making statements from that particular user not register in the idea date, or by simply throwing out the user altogether, but I'd rather not have to.
jutta, May 11 2004

       *modified idea*   

       I agree with what you're saying, [jutta], but how would it look to the casual observer if all he saw on the front page were heavily fishboned ideas like "vag vac", "use suicidal people in movies", or the classic "vagina jam" (I know its been deleted)? I'm sure they would click the 'home' button and never look back.   

       Who's chip?
ghillie, May 15 2004

       // I'm sure they would click the 'home' button and never look back. //   

       How is that a problem?
waugsqueke, May 15 2004

       Well, think about it. It could be a news guy (not like some of you all want the publicity, yeah it could bring more trolls). Or it could be a new friend, turned off by all the negativity (man, that sounds lame). Don't you wonder how many people we've lost thanks to trolls? This is a great community, I'm sure there are people out there who would fit in perfectly. But they don't want to when they see trash posted by idiots.
ghillie, May 15 2004

       I disagree with altering what's displayed on the site for the sole purpose of keeping first time visitors from leaving. That's wrong.   

       If what's displayed is crap, it's crap, and we lose people because of it, so be it.   

       As I said, the way to fix that is to have less crap, which would benefit everyone, not only new visitors.   

       How to do *that* is the part worth thinking about.
waugsqueke, May 15 2004

       One way to do it might be to carry out the MFD's and delete some of the bad ideas.
Not sure how often this happens, but the troll ideas seem to stick around for at least a few days.
There are still alot of ideas that have been marked for deletion (correctly) that haven't been deleted yet.

       Footnote. This is in no way a criticism of Jutta and the administrators, just a possible solution to the problem.
MikeOliver, May 15 2004

       The MFD process is not mechanical. It's a judgement call. There are many times that I let one stay despite the MFD because I disagree with the MFD.   

       And I don't even bother to examine it unless a week has passed from the time of last activity on the idea.
bristolz, May 15 2004

       That's a quick fix... get more moderators.
How many are there BTW?
MikeOliver, May 15 2004

       Enough? clearly not, if there is a workload issue!
MikeOliver, May 15 2004

       ummm, I clearly missed something. What happened to all your ideas, [bliss]?
ghillie, May 15 2004

       //Enough? clearly not, if there is a workload issue!//

It's a hobby, Mike, not a job. They do what they can, when they can.

I thought that adding superfluous comments to an idea was exactly what we were trying to discourage so a big, fat, smelly fishbone from me ghillie. Sorry!
DrBob, May 17 2004

       This idea stands wobblyly on the assumption that ideas that are heavily fishboned are less worthy of our attention than some pro-coffee, pro-cat same old that attracts croissants like dogs bums attract other dogs.
calum, May 17 2004

       So, has anyone attended to asking the masses what behavior would be appropriate for the default [overview] page?   

       What it is currently by default could just as easily be:
Filter by time: show only ideas that have been created in the last three days.

       Your honor.
dpsyplc, May 17 2004

       I got a bone for you!
quantum_flux, Oct 24 2007


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