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Honeypot halfbakery

For persistant trolls
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Rather than having jutta delete troublesome accounts, allowing trolls to simply recreate and reappear what I propose is to try to con trolls into directing their energies away from the halfbakery. What we need is jutta to replicate some of the more contentious "ideas" (Quizshock, animal stunt, vagina jam etc.) to an domain that looks much the same - helfbakery or something - and allow trolls to argue amongst themselves. All it would take, once the decision to remove a user has been taken, is to add a redirect script on login. Then all we need do is occasionally stoke the flames - call a helfbaker a twat or something - and it will run itself. The result - trolls can agure, which is all they are here for anyway, and we are free of them.
mcscotland, Feb 18 2002

(??) m-f-d http://www.halfbake...20for_20deletion_5d
Level headed approach, but not always applied. Loophole: Trolls oftentimes appear for a day, obviously reappear under another nic their next day off. Ideas which were m-f-d are left for either jutta to delete or Trolls to defend/understand. When neither happens, the 'idea' stays, as Troll hasn't 'defended' idea or 'understood why' idea was m-f-d. If an idea is unpopular, that's not always cause. If it's just a mind-fuck (read: Control of Loophole on part of Troll), that's another. [thumbwax, Feb 18 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Perhaps then restrict the honeypot domain by enforcing the login credentials, so it can't even be seen by non-trolls. Then perhaps grant access only to a select gang of troll baiters and trolls themselves.
mcscotland, Feb 18 2002

       This is about the third time this suggestion has been made.   

       The problem with it is that trolls often work in groups (e.g., two lab mates trying to out-do each other in posting outrageous ideas), and it is hard to redirect the whole group. If you forget one, one of them alerts the others to their redirection.   

       Since what trolls want, more than anything else, is reactions from real people, they notice quickly when something is wrong.   

       Unrelatedly, I also don't think I should run a site for people I don't respect.
jutta, Feb 18 2002

       jutta, what would/could/should you recommend we 1/2 bakers do regarding trolls?
thumbwax, Feb 18 2002

       Is there a problem?   

       They all seem to go away, after a brief spate in which various halfbakers demonstrate their brilliant wit in composing caustic retorts.   

       And, you can filter your views to never show ideas authored by people you find detestable. Their annotations on other ideas will still show up, though.
neelandan, Feb 18 2002

       My college had a big and successful basketball program. Our arena was famous for its deafening noise levels on game night. One year we experimented with a tactic called "the designated opponent." The day of the game, the student newspaper would select one crucial but relatively inexperienced player from the opposing team as the d.o.. During the game, every time the d.o. touched the ball, the crowd's roar would immediately cease. All you could hear was the bouncing ball and the squeak of sneakers. As soon as the ball left the d.o.'s hands, the noise would immediately resume.   

       It was amazing how effective this tactic was at taking the d.o. out of the game.
beauxeault, Feb 18 2002

       beauxeault, that is classic!
bristolz, Feb 18 2002


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