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Keep troll ideas around

Keep troll ideas in a searchable database on a seperate server for research and humor.
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This is for newbies like me who hear a lot about particular ex-trolls, or see anno-gaps caused by user deletions, and are curious as to what that troll did. I think it could potentially help some newbies understand what is and is not acceptable on the .5B, too; as the helpfile states, it's dificult to gauge this from browsing ideas and annos because the heinous ones have been deleted.

Since I imagine one of the major motivators in deleting trolls' ideas and annos is to save disk space, I propose taht this new database be stored on another server, volunteered for this purpose by someone in a position to save the deleted stuff. If old trolls' ideas and annos were backed up anywhere (I don't see why they would've been, though) we can start by archiving those. Otherwise, we can just start moving new trolls' ideas/annos to the second server rather than deleting them outright.

disbomber, Apr 19 2005

Troll Petting Zoo Troll_20Petting_20Zoo
Vaguely similar. [disbomber, Apr 19 2005]

End of the World Idea by [Mephista] http://www.geocitie...ult/apocalypse.html
One lost baker. Note the name "Rods_Tiger;" that is Ian_Tindale. [AfroAssault, Apr 20 2005]

Fish Ties Fishties
The standard you will be judged by. If you're gonna be a troll, at least be entertaining. [DrBob, Apr 22 2005]


       Having been here as long as I have, it becomes pretty easy (for the most part) to spot which ideas/accounts will be gone soon. Because of that, I started copy & pasting many of these into .txt files that are stored somewhere on a broken computer, hundreds of miles from where I am. I always wanted to do some sort of "Halfhistory," and document all the trolls, famous-but-deleted accounts/ideas, inside jokes, etc. The only two I can think of offhand are mp9man (follow link on my profile, missing some annos though) and an "End of the World" idea that I thought was great. If anyone is interested in making this happen, let me know and I'm all over it, but I'd definitely need help with research.

Also, the reason most troll ideas are deleted is because they delete them on their own.
AfroAssault, Apr 19 2005

       Disk space isn't an issue, really, it's a matter of trying to keep the database content on point.   

       If you have an original halfbaked invention idea that you think will be enjoyable for others to read and discuss then you're ready to post.
bristolz, Apr 19 2005

       [AA], perhaps once I have completed boot camp and am earning disposable income we can set it up.   

       Edit: I read your archive of the Mr. Forwarded posts. Unfortunately, it seems like several of the more incendiary annos had already been deleted. I'm really rather glad you kept all those, though. Like I said, hopefully at some point I can set up a server and we can get this rolling.
disbomber, Apr 19 2005

       Just out of curiosity, how exactly do you have time to surf the bakery at boot camp?
RayfordSteele, Apr 19 2005

       //it seems like several of the more incendiary annos had already been deleted.//
If I recall, he actually deleted his account which is where the first batch of his annos went. When he came back and posted more of his shit, I figured I'd get as much as I could before it all went bye-bye again.

edit: as chance would have it, I found some lost text. You may find annos directed towards a mysterious [Mephista], but find none of her ideas or a profile. She had a tendency of inciting a lot of debate, and I think she may have just given up one day and hit the "destroy" button (as in "destroy account," used to be right next to "logout"). I have one of her ideas that I was certain she'd delete sooner or later, when I have time I'll post & link it.
edit 2: it's up. See link.
AfroAssault, Apr 20 2005

       Apparently, there's a lot of confusion as to my status. I'll spell it out again:   

       RIGHT NOW: I am not training or militarily active in any way, except that I have signed all the forms. JUNE: I will begin boot camp. JULY/AUGUST: I will begin technical school. SOME TIME NEXT YEAR: Having completed technical school, I will have received my first assignment.   

       //edit 2: it's up. See link.//   

       Am I drunk? I don't think I drank anything...
disbomber, Apr 20 2005

       That's assuming that Uncle Sam considers you insane enough to be suitable but not so insane as to be unsuitable :-)
(I'm reminded of a verse in Alice's Resataurant, and of Catch 22.)
[disbomber], you're a brave man.
angel, Apr 20 2005

       Thanks again. As I've said here before, nobody should be getting all too respectful--I've got a lot of tough training to do and have not begun to prove myself at this in the least. So all this carrying on is a little like congratulating a freshman for completing a quality education.
disbomber, Apr 20 2005

       In my book, a braver man is one who refuses to participate in unethical wars.
FarmerJohn, Apr 20 2005

       //In my book, a braver man is one who refuses to participate in unethical wars.//   

       Simmer down, [FarmerJohn]. The war is over. I didn't think it was a good idea either, but now that we've torn the place apart we've got to do what we can to try to keep it relatively stable. Like it or not, the US has installed itself as Iraqi peacekeeper, and the only thing we can do now is try to keep the place running.
disbomber, Apr 20 2005

       I hope you are right.
FarmerJohn, Apr 22 2005

       [disbomber], it's not too late. You can still go to your recruiter and get a guaranteed job in Contracting, Finance, Network Management, Medical, or Dental tech; I've seen a lot of fellow Air Force guys waste a lot of time by going into Aircrew Life Support, or "Aerospace Propulsion Engineering", EOD, or Fabrication, only to find that after four or six years in, they have no marketable skills to speak of.   

       Just remember: "Sir/Ma'am, Trainee Disbomber Reports as Ordered." You know that much and you'll coast through basic no matter which tech school you're going into :-)   

       Anyway, on topic: //I propose taht this new database be stored on another server// "The Crapbakery"?
contracts, Apr 22 2005

       I would recommend st3f's excellent 'half-grocery' as the place to store such things.
DrBob, Apr 22 2005

       //Just remember: "Sir/Ma'am, Trainee Disbomber Reports as Ordered."//   

       I say that with every breath when I go out running, and my recruiter also makes me say it every time I call her or her boss or her boss's boss.   

       //EOD... only to find that after four or six years in, they have no marketable skills to speak of.//   

       You mean, other than being able to work bomb squad at any police department or for the federal government (or, hell, for the Air Force)? I do realize that "dismantling bombs" might not a great skill for private-sector work. But (1) I'll be going to college while I'm in and afterwards, and (2) I'd have to change my nick!
disbomber, Apr 30 2005


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