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Haiku Channel

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Weary day is done
Turn to channel 106
Very nice haiku
globaltourniquet, Sep 07 2007

Syllable Counter™ http://www.wordscou...nfo/hw/syllable.jsp
I'm bad at counting - So here is something that counts - So I don't need to [Dub, Sep 09 2007]

Roadkill Haiku - on the Discovery (Haiku) Channel http://www.roadkillhaiku.com/
[Dub, May 22 2008]

Haiku road signs in NYC http://m.npr.org/st...streets&sc=fb&cc=fp
[Dub, Dec 03 2011]


       Furu ike ya kawazu tobikomu mizu no oto
skinflaps, Sep 07 2007

       'til a vast gaping cave..
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 07 2007

       (around here it starts)
There once was a man from Nantucket...
xandram, Sep 08 2007

       [Ian] and [xan] you guys have accidentally tuned into the Rude Limerick Channel - the Haiku Channel is on the dial somewhere between that, and Doggerel 24.
zen_tom, Sep 08 2007

       Here is the news   

       Good stuff and bad stuff happened   

       That was the news, thanks
Dub, Sep 09 2007

       Red shirt dies; Kirk bleeds
where no man has gone before -
It's illogical
globaltourniquet, Sep 09 2007

       said to walker
"why hike you
when you can Haiku?"

       So sorry -nothing to do with idea, just my first ever Haiku. Let me know if you want more.
xenzag, Sep 09 2007

       Mentioning haiku
Anywhere within idea
Asking for big list
Texticle, Sep 10 2007

       Am I missing something, or is Haiku total bollocks?
jtp, Sep 10 2007

       a haiku is five
syllables, and then seven
then followed by five

       -get it right.
Custardguts, Sep 10 2007

       Channel for haiku?
Surely you must be joking.
Marked for derision.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 10 2007

       Haikus in English
Way too easy to write well
Stick to Japanese.
phundug, Sep 10 2007

MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 10 2007

       a simple haiku
does not need fanciful words
to be elegant
Custardguts, Sep 11 2007

       Which almost rhymes with list.
skinflaps, Sep 11 2007

       I'm not sure that constitutes a defense - those are pretty much the reasons why I don't like lists!
(But I do appreciate the way the annotations on this one strain at their leash.)
jutta, Sep 11 2007

       oh, good Lord, here comes the 'legal precedents' section of the 'bakery!   

       i don't think this post should be called 'list' just because the annos spin wildly in that direction. that would be unfair. now, if a person *ends* their post with, "can you think of other examples?" or "write your own..." then we should crucify them. in this case, it's just a fluff idea that got the poet-hats out. i gave it a bun. +
k_sra, Sep 11 2007

       I can think of lots of reasons why this isn't a list:
1) .....
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 11 2007

       My "Blue Haiku" scheme
Deleted within hours.
I had been so proud...
bungston, May 22 2008


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