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Science News in Haiku

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Einstein bot learns to

smile on its own, machine learns

to make expressions


Solar cells costly yes

But Nanopillars make cheap

cells, promise the future

[see anno]

goodmars, Jul 10 2009

science fiction haiku http://www.scifaiku.com/index.html
might be news someday, technology advances, five more syllables [jaksplat, Jul 10 2009]

Nanopillars, solar cells http://www.scienced...07/090709170757.htm
[goodmars, Jul 11 2009]

Robot Learns To Smile And Frown http://www.scienced...07/090708181206.htm
[goodmars, Jul 12 2009]

Science News http://www.sciencenews.org/
Muse for Haikus [csea, Jul 12 2009]

Cats Can Manipulate http://www.scienced...07/090713121348.htm
[goodmars, Jul 14 2009]

submit your techie haiku http://www.thinkgeek.com/haiku/?cpg=98H
win $50 [jaksplat, Jul 15 2009]

SciKu http://sciku.tumblr.com/
[goodmars, Jul 16 2009]

New Scientist column evil_20freedom_20foundation
[theleopard, Jul 16 2009]

Weiner dogs! http://www.sciencen...%2C_short_new_trick
[goodmars, Jul 17 2009]

Energy Stove http://sciku.tumblr...o-sound-to-electric
[goodmars, Jul 20 2009]

(?) Holy Shit - Man Walks On Fucking Moon http://store.theoni...oon-1969-p-332.html
[hippo, Jul 21 2009]


       New magnet installed
In underground cyclotron
Hopefully this time...
wagster, Jul 10 2009

       Science News Haiku
Like other haiku schemes here
Will become a list.
bungston, Jul 10 2009

       I don't think it will -   

       Lists are frowned on in the 'bakery.   

       But I could be wrong.
normzone, Jul 10 2009

       Wrong indeed you are
For scientific haiku
deserve a croissant
8th of 7, Jul 10 2009

       Your annotation
Is not merely cryptic, but
Ignores the verse form
8th of 7, Jul 10 2009

       Solar cells costly yes   

       But Nanopillars make cheap   

       cells, promise the future   

       [see anno]
goodmars, Jul 11 2009

       not a real OS:
"cloud" model based on Linux;
will be even worse.
FlyingToaster, Jul 11 2009

       //cloud model based on Linux// ummm sounds like seven to me!   

       (but ... normzone scored nine out of 7)
kindachewy, Jul 11 2009

       edited it
FlyingToaster, Jul 11 2009

       Cape Canaveral:
storm may delay shuttle launch.
Petrels point and laugh.
jutta, Jul 11 2009

       Jutta engages
In a possible list what
Ever comes next
MadnessInMyMethod, Jul 11 2009

       Silly contraption   

       If it is solar powered,   

       gets many croissants
Bad Jim, Jul 11 2009

       21 questions
needs to revise his own stuff
before telling on others
daseva, Jul 11 2009

       daseva has failed   

       his last line was too lengthy   

       And Quest did his well.
Bad Jim, Jul 11 2009

       But where is the news
Of science promised ? Here we
Sadly find it not.
8th of 7, Jul 11 2009

       Gosh oh my oh no
Inside the halfbakery
Our jutta's been cloned
blissmiss, Jul 11 2009

       A haiku with four
Lines would surely be most strange.
Have we missed something ?
8th of 7, Jul 11 2009

       DARPA EATR bot
eats plants for fuel. how cool!
Will it eat us next?
sninctown, Jul 11 2009

       My meanderings:
Why five, seven, five syllables?
Most use seventeen.
FlyingToaster, Jul 11 2009

       Einstein bot learns to   

       smile on its own, machine learns   

       to make expressions   

goodmars, Jul 12 2009

       methinks there are too   

       many negatives, let's change!   

       vote for positive!
goodmars, Jul 12 2009

       Fusion research now
closed. With immediate 'fect.
Find pink slip attached.
4whom, Jul 12 2009

       Global warming news:   

       Far worse than last predicted   

       Yet still we dither
BunsenHoneydew, Jul 12 2009

       Grant available!
Prove that smoking is healthy.
Researchers queue up.
DrBob, Jul 12 2009

       There was a researcher who, like you,
Tried composing his findings in haiku.
At meetings they shunned him,
No funders would fund him,
And his students all came out on striku.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 12 2009

       Elegant. Simple.
Mass times the speed of light squared
Equals Energy.
DrBob, Jul 13 2009

       Elegant, simple,
But not really science news.
More like science olds.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 13 2009

       Well that depends upon your timescale surely?
DrBob, Jul 13 2009

       Gened tree grows faster   

       Popular fish avoids brink   

       People's smile count, more
wjt, Jul 14 2009

       Kitty knows what it wants   

       It can manipulate you   

       too to do its deed   

       [ano on cats]
goodmars, Jul 14 2009

       Swine Flu is coming
Pandemic media storm
Go and wash your hands.
hippo, Jul 14 2009

       men create faux sperm
may yield a steady supply
men are obsolete
po, Jul 14 2009

       German consortium
Plan solar power programme
In African sun
zen_tom, Jul 14 2009

       in po's manless world
po unable to reach high shelf
or lift heavy things
hippo, Jul 14 2009

       Songs about science:
"She blinded me with Science!"
by Thomas Dolby
hippo, Jul 14 2009

       ...Extract from page 3 on the Japanese Sony Walkman instructions, under the heading "Dolby NR"
pressing this button
considerably reduced
is noise on walkman
zen_tom, Jul 14 2009

       //men create faux sperm
may yield a steady supply
men are obsolete

       Women take control,
Wipe out the redundant sex,
Who'll make faux sperm now?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 14 2009

       what is a man for
removing spiders from bath
and help with jewell'ry
po, Jul 14 2009

       taking out the bins
remembering sports results
and eating leftovers

       hmm, talking of which
i could use a ladyfriend
my flat is a state!

       oh dear I've stepped
over the mark a bit there
a chauvinist git
zen_tom, Jul 14 2009

       The think about haiku
Is that it doesn't rhyme much
Which I don't laiku.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 14 2009

       Atom panicking!
Has he lost an electron?
Yes, he's positive.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 14 2009

       Hey [zen], you forgot
about bicycle mainten-
-ance and map-reading.
hippo, Jul 14 2009

       Oh yes! So I did!
while we're at it, who's going
to change all those bulbs?

       [po] I would think twice
before writing us quite off
we might be handy!
zen_tom, Jul 14 2009

       wouldn't dream of writing you off or [hippo]   

       I'd even help with the flat if you get some beer in!
po, Jul 14 2009

       Careful, I might take you up on that! Although, conversely, if I drink enough beer, I don't mind quite so much about the (un)tidiness of the flat. In this way, a natural equilibrium emerges.
zen_tom, Jul 14 2009

       hippo zen tom po
create poems as they go
about their business ;-)
blissmiss, Jul 14 2009

FlyingToaster, Jul 15 2009

       [jaksplat] did link to
a site with clever haiku
<Yoda> Happen, did.
4whom, Jul 15 2009

       Universe is vast. Haiku explains science fast. No rhyming allowed.
Yappa, Jul 15 2009

       welcome yappa   

       breaks require a pointy thingy break then br - then pointy break
sorry not good with code

       oh, ask one of the clever people...
po, Jul 15 2009

       Angle brackets!   

       Hi [po]! <waves across the water>
wagster, Jul 15 2009

       anglo (angry brackets) hah!   

       waves back - kinda more alcohol than water - hee hee
po, Jul 15 2009

       Thanks for the tip, po/wagster. Now that I'm armed with breakability I'll try another lame effort:

Science haiku riles.
We protest poetically.
Yappa, Jul 15 2009

       Star Wars reference
appreciated 4whom
may the force be with
jaksplat, Jul 16 2009

theleopard, Jul 16 2009

       Most of the above
"haikus" lack names of seasons.
So, they're senryu.

       This is the point where
you call me a pedant, and
maybe a right prick.

       Which is fair, of course.
I am not sure how to end.
shapu, Jul 16 2009

       the SciKu movement   

       is afoot, read the link, enjoy   

       care to write? leave anno
goodmars, Jul 16 2009

       New Scientist gives
Villain a column.
theleopard, Jul 16 2009

       an extra gene on the   

       chromosome: height they have not   

       but cute is the weiner!
goodmars, Jul 17 2009

       A stove that converts   

       heat to sound to electric   

       energy, no waste. happy
goodmars, Jul 20 2009

       What would Armstrong's third line have been?
smendler, Jul 21 2009

       Ouch, I fell over
theleopard, Jul 21 2009

       I think to myself
What a wonderful wor-orld,
Ouch I fell over?

Nah! Doesn't work!
DrBob, Jul 21 2009

       one small step for man
one giant leap for mankind
one... singular sensation...
RayfordSteele, Jul 21 2009

       Cells apoptosing. Gene target validated! Cancer will be cured!
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 21 2009

       One small step for man
One giant leap for mankind
Fuck, I'm on The Moon!
zen_tom, Jul 21 2009

       ([zen] - see link)
hippo, Jul 21 2009

       One small step for man
One giant leap for mankind
One huge alien
theleopard, Jul 22 2009

       new solar powdered   

       lighter than hair device   

       she who lists last lists loosely   

       anno a dunno how should [anno]? anno half dough they could show brick who!   

       see [anno] ribs
pashute, Jul 01 2013

       Not this one again?! The inevitable list! I'm not joining in.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 01 2013


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