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A Half-sized Comb
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I want to be able to buy half of an ordinary gentleman's pocket comb. Rather, I want to be able to buy a comb that is made half as long as a 5-inch pocket comb. I compute that to be around two and a half inches long (for you folks blessed with the metric system, that's about 6 centimeters). In either system, or any shop, such a comb is not available.

I have half a comb in my pocket right now. I made it from a standard 5-inch pocket comb using my trusty Swiss Army knife. My half-comb fits easily in my front trouser pocket, which no other comb does, so it's with me always, but it's not in the way. It works great for my facial hair, much better than those sissy little moustache combs. It does well enough on my scalp hair to remove the need for any other comb during the day. It may take a few more passes, but not enough that I notice. And since it's made from a regular comb, it has the one-inch depth that is sadly lacking on a beard comb.

That's all the comb I need in my pocket. Half a comb. That is my idea and invention--a comb about two and a half inches long, with about ten teeth per inch, and about one inch in depth. A Halfcomb. Cast nicely in black, mind, with both ends finished, not looking like something spit out by a half-starved Swiss chipmunk. And marketed half well, so that people stop looking at me like I'm only half here, but not so well that half the halfwits around start carrying one half the time. I half like the feeling that making my own halfcomb makes me halfway to being a Halfbaker.

baconbrain, Sep 08 2006

Um, baked. http://collectdolls...ry/blaccessory5.htm
If you don't mind ivory. [Shz, Sep 08 2006]

8cm (3.14") comb http://www.alegria-....php?keywords=48246
For people, not dolls. [jutta, Sep 08 2006]


       Aw, c'mon, these things exist, you just haven't looked hard enough.
DrCurry, Sep 08 2006

       Think dolls.
Shz, Sep 08 2006

       But if dolls learn to think won't that make them, umm, thinking, uhh, doll-like ... things? Sounds like a Stephen King story or something.
Canuck, Sep 08 2006

       And for girls, how about a comb earring on a string? Always right there when you need it.
phundug, Sep 08 2006

       Thank you for the links, [Shz] and [jutta]. But the doll comb is too short, both have teeth too fine for my coarseness, and neither have the depth needed for my clumsy fingers.   

       But the 8cm comb is for people, and is at least meant to be what I am looking for. I swear I searched hard for this and never saw that. But that was last year, so maybe it's new. But yes, baked.   

       This is an old idea that I had decided to not post, but did anyhow in a fit of pique. My home-made halfcomb is a damn handy thing to have, but I just got another funny look while using it.
baconbrain, Sep 08 2006

       While my initial reaction resembled DrCurry's, actually finding a shorter-than-5" comb in reality was so hard that I now appreciate this post more.
jutta, Sep 08 2006

       I still favor the get-your-hacksaw-out approach. But if I still had any interest in combs, I'd suggest marketing the things. (Grudgingly changes vote.)
DrCurry, Sep 09 2006

       The other side could be a 2 1/2" squeegee.
jutta, Sep 09 2006

       <chuckle> Which I could use for cleaning my glasses. For about another year.
baconbrain, Sep 10 2006

       " Oh, and bone for thinking that this was the first time anyone thought of a mechanical horse." -baconbrain, Feb. 21, 2007. "One of them's mine, and it's staying. If this posting isn't about the first time someone's thought of this particular idea, it shouldn't be on the 'Bakery." -baconbrain, Feb. 24, 2007.   

       I don't know what to say to you, brain, I really don't.   

       Oh, and bone for thinking that this was the first time anyone thought of a fucking comb.
monk, Feb 25 2007


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