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Mousse Extruding Comb

Dual action.
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So you want stuff in your hair. Go ahead - you'll look great! But how to get it there? Glob it on in a big lugey then work it in? Hard to get an even distribution. Get it all over your hands first then work it in? Messy and wasteful.

The Mousse Extruding Comb can screw on to the top of any bottle from the BUNGCO line of fine hair products. The comb is hollow. On squeezing the bottle, hair product is extruded from the tip of each comb tine. Squeeze as you comb and distribute the product evenly, cleanly and without waste.

bungston, Jan 28 2009


       Sounds sensible [+]. It may be difficult to clean between different BUNGCO fine hair product lines. Perhaps it could be disposable, and integrated into the bottle top.   

       BTW - I read this as mouse extracting comb and thought that nits had suddenly got a lot bigger in BUNGland.
MadnessInMyMethod, Jan 28 2009

       //I read this as mouse extracting comb//   

       I was even more concerned about the moose extruding comb.
wagster, Jan 28 2009

       You shouldn't be. It was much more comfortable afterwards.
bungston, Jan 28 2009


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