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On/Off Comb/Saw

comb that doubles up as a litttle saw
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On/Off Comb/Saw is a metal comb device that's been fitted with an on/off switch. In the "on" position, you can use it to comb your hair, whilst in the "off" position it functions as a little saw.

Here's how it works:
The comb is structured in two parts that can slide across each other, both being equipped with the prongs that form the actual comb. When the "on" switch is pressed, a tiny motor and worm drive causes one face to move a fraction to one side then to slide a few millimeters across the other face. This results in the previuosly flat surface now presenting as a row of comb teeth.

Pressing the button to the "off" position causes the comb to close up and become a short tenon saw with the teeth points acting as the continuous cutting edge.

Inevitable deluxe version has a more powerful motor to power an additional feature that causes the sliding action to become a reciprocating motion. The deluxe model is therefore able to more easily cut through hard materials when it's in the sawing mode.

xenzag, Sep 13 2019


       Dangerous, with indisputable potential to cause serious, painful injuries.   

8th of 7, Sep 13 2019

       And, as a bonus, both the 'saw' and 'comb' configurations of this device are equally useless and ineffective at fulfilling their respective functions [+]
hippo, Sep 13 2019

       edit - I forgot to include the deluxe version.
xenzag, Sep 13 2019

       [hippo], I don't think it would be *totally* incapable - it would probably be able to cut something like cake - just don't use it on something dark like chocolate cake because the dandruff would show.
lurch, Sep 13 2019

       I totally believe that if made properly, (in Japan of course) that the on/off comb would work perfectly well in either mode. As a saw it may require to be fitted to the optional add-on handle for greater leverage but dragging any set of pointed tips through across the head is perfectly safe, provided the direction remains at right angles to the hair, as with all combing technique.
xenzag, Sep 13 2019

       So, hair trimmers then?
RayfordSteele, Sep 13 2019


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