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The Boson's Curler

particle physics micro eyebrow hair style curler
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To use The Boson's Curler you first enter your sub-atomic particle of choice from the comprehensive selection stored on its sister laptop. This is then downloaded into the handle of the curler tongs.

The tips of the tongs themselves are tiny, like tweezers, and able to adjust their pressure, contour and heating range to ensure that each hair receiving its attention matches those of the traces of the cloud chamber images.

Every resulting eyebrow style is totally unique.

Works best on those with long eyebrow hair, or you could shave the rest of your eyebrows and create a special patch to match that of your favourite particle impact signature.

xenzag, Jul 01 2008

The Anti-matter Eyebrow Quiff (close up) http://www.particle...revealed/980318.jpg
[xenzag, Jul 01 2008]

No curling on the poop deck... http://en.wikipedia...Curlingstoneold.JPG
dangleberries also came a close second... [4whom, Jul 01 2008]

How to use... http://www.videojug...o-use-curling-tongs
curling tongs [xenzag, Jul 01 2008]


       Sorry, I thought the bosun's curler was going to be a nautical euphamism for a notable lump of Richards in the Caribbean sea. A proudly unsinkable, ocean going 'evacuation', being cheered and clapped by all hands.   

       "Arrr, 'tis many a day since my good eye fell upon such an item, as to rival the Bosun's Curler."
theNakedApiarist, Jul 01 2008

       Famous paths could be sold, at enormous cost, to those so inclined.   

       "Ooh, I do like your do"
"Yes, This is the Z boson from SPS at CERN, paid a fortune for it!"
" For the research?"
" No! For the do!, As iiiiffff...!"
4whom, Jul 01 2008

       This is waaaaay over my head!
blissmiss, Jul 01 2008

       I'm disappointed that there are no actual bosons. I was imagining a rubber-lined hole in a super collider vacuum tube. The fuzzzt as the connection is made with your head. The stirring of great banks of helium-cooled magnets, ripping the zipper from your pants and flinging it far above. Not that you see any of this, of course. For your eyes--if they still work--are witness to a spectacular show of positron-electron annihilation, while mesons weighting as much as baseballs pelt your head into a perfectly-coffied insensibility.
ldischler, Jul 01 2008

       Edited for eyebrow detail version.
xenzag, Jul 01 2008

       It will be necessary to assure the Boson’s Curler only generate integer spins. Pure Bosons are more radiant and you can have as many as you want bunched together.   

       Half integer spins are Fermions which may resist each other causing a frizzy harried look. The Fermion’s Curler has been baked and is popular with science professors and award winning scientist.   

       Einstein used the Fermion’s Curler on his head because he didn’t yet appreciate the merits of the Bose–Einstein (B-E) statistical mechanics of the Boson’s Curler.
CwP, Jul 02 2008

       // Einstein used the Fermion’s Curler //   

       Did he risk catching anything from sharing curlers ?   

       Does the curler come with a special comb (some sort of diffraction grating ?) in case the hairdo develops quantum entanglements ?
8th of 7, Jul 02 2008

       I"m not sure if it makes more or less sense if I continually read it at Bosun's curler
FlyingToaster, Jul 02 2008

       Who said anything about making sense?
xenzag, Jul 02 2008

       [8th of 7] // Did he risk catching anything from sharing curlers ? // // Does the curler come with a special comb (some sort of diffraction grating ?) in case the hairdo develops quantum entanglements ?//   

       Einstein indeed caught a scorching case of "non-commuting quantum observables" (a.k.a the Heisenberg uncertainty principle) when it was pointed out he was suffering with quantum entanglements. That is only one of many hazards in use of the state conscious Fermion and Boson Curlers.   

       Einstein intently disliked the concept of unexplained quantum entanglements and was known to refer to them as "spukhafte Fernwirkung". He insisted quantum entanglements could somehow comply with relativity without implying that "God plays dice." He denied true entanglement to the very end, claiming it was a problem with the local observers.   

       Sadly, if he had quantum entanglements while using the Boson’s Curler then a diffraction grating might be the answer (with photon polarization). This is because bosons are more radiant but that still implies simultaneous state interaction between bosons.   

       Who beside Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen (EPR) say entanglement is a bad thing? Among the best known applications of entanglement are ‘superdense coding’ and ‘quantum state teleportation.’   

       On the other hand, throw in some more dimensions and divide infinity by zero and one could achieve the Holy Grail, Unification. ;-)   

       Now that makes sense...
CwP, Jul 02 2008


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