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Pentium Processor Combs

chic for the geek
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I came across this old pentium processor today. I picked it up, felt the pins, and started to comb my hair with it.

It actually worked very well, even though the pins are 1/8" long.

The perfect geek hair care product would be combs made out of old pentium processors (or made to look like them), though maybe make the pins a bit longer. (say, 1/4" to 1/2")

DesertFox, Dec 13 2005


       sp: chic
Minimal, Dec 13 2005

       I saw some quite nice jewellery on eBay a couple of days ago made out of Pentium chips.
wagster, Dec 13 2005

       They make a good back scratcher too!
Jscotty, Dec 13 2005

       Not so good with BGA
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 13 2005

       sp: sheikh.
Get a lot of them, and make a camel brush. that might go over better with your sheikhs.
moomintroll, Dec 14 2005

       The sixth chic sheik's sick chic sheep's sick.
phundug, Dec 14 2005

       sp: shriek   

       I am laughing at the candid image of someone picking up a processor and combing their hair with it. ok, +
Zuzu, Dec 14 2005

       I hope you used antistatic percautions!
Dub, Dec 14 2005

       //image of someone picking up a processor and combing their hair with it//   

       Or shutting off their computer, then opening the case and disconnecting the processor in order to comb their hair with it, then reassembling the computer and turning it back on. Now that would be plain silly.
phundug, Dec 14 2005

       Agreed. It's plain silly to think that one should need to power down the computer in order to comb their hair. Surely someone here could devise a means to use an operating processor as a comb...
X2Entendre, Dec 14 2005

       I a celeron 366 to get my cats coat perfect.   

       That's hilarious.
Giblet, Dec 15 2005

       I've done it before, I like the idea. I remember having some spilt in my bed, and waking up with these little dotted doo-dad patterns all over my leg, now that was wild.
Silent Phar, Dec 15 2005

       My, [Silent], but you really know how to live, don't you?
moomintroll, Dec 15 2005

Silent Phar, Dec 15 2005

       chic = hip and cool shiek = condom company
i-Mer, Dec 16 2005

       5" long outdated RAM would give you a better grip and more surface area. 28 k/b for the kids and a whopping 56k/b for mommy.   

       A Pentium chip seems more sized for an afro pick.   


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