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Menorah Jewfro Pick

Religiously-Inspired Pick for the Chosen 'Fro
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The Jewfro: a voluminous mass of tight curls that adorn the heads of the Hebraic-ally hip.

The menorah: a Jewish candelabra, with either seven or nine branches (the nine-branched variety is used during Chanukah).

As anyone with an ounce of sense should know, a good fro requires painstaking maintenance in the form of picking to remain awesome throughout the day. The Menorah Jewfro Pick takes advantage of the menorah's unique shape to deliver a religiously/culturally/ethnically specific picking experience for Jewfro practioners. Made of the same material as regular plastic combs (or perhaps shiny metals for use/wearing during the high holidays), the Menorah Jewfro Pick would be shaped like a menorah adorned with lit candles. The pointed nature of the "flames" atop the candle-shaped tines would facilitate the pick's penetration through the chaotic nebula of Jew hair.

Note: chill out, I'm jewish

Saxonburg, Mar 05 2008

(?) Afro Pick with Black Fist http://stores.chann...tems/hair-afro-pick
[KineticKill, Mar 05 2008]

Jewfro soldiers http://www.maggiesn...Jew_Soldiers_17.jpg
paint their hair for camouflage [pashute, Jul 19 2013]

Menorah hair style https://www.faceboo...Spa/117250875102135
[pashute, Jul 19 2013]

The middle one seems to be a menorah http://25.media.tum...md1s3juj9o1_500.jpg
[pashute, Jul 19 2013]


DrCurry, Mar 05 2008

       + way cool!
Welcome to the halfbakery.
xandram, Mar 05 2008

       hah, excellent.
rcarty, this could work for all 'froficionados (is that a word? it is now.) A kwanzaa 'kinaracomb' perhaps? Christian 'fros with cruciform hairpins? And Dawkins' 'brights' symbol is just made for big hair...
navel-gazer, Mar 05 2008

       Some people might not identify it as a jewish icon. How about a star of david at the end of the handle? Black Power has it's rendition.
KineticKill, Mar 05 2008

       I was thinking the same thing; in fact, I drew up a schematic with that in mind. Can anyone tell a newbie how to add an image to your idea?
Saxonburg, Mar 06 2008

       Now I can both celebrate my heritage and properly groom my fro. +
Amos Kito, Mar 07 2008

theleopard, Mar 07 2008

       Back in my hood it was called an "Isro"
batou, Mar 07 2008

       Great idea here.
xandram, Jul 17 2013

       It was just Tishabove, Hannukka is off 4 and a half months from now...   

       Wait Tishabove is also about the menorah.
pashute, Jul 19 2013

       I've got an urge to develop a Menorah with a scientific theme (perhaps a double-helical twist to the stems), which could be used in laboratories to give thanks for scientific successes over the last twelve months.   

       It would be called the Lab-Year Menorah.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 20 2013


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