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Hard copy spam filter

Filters unwanted junkmail from your postal mailbox.
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Stop receiving annoying hard-copy junkmail from your postal mailbox. This product is a combination of scanning text recognition technology with spam filtering logic employed for e-mail.

After the postal delivery, all envelopes are conveyed to the back of the unit & processed through an image scanner & text recognition software. The obviously offensive or useless items are sent straight to a shredder, but the questionable ones are segregated to a manual sorting bin for later inspection. The user should fine tune the degree of filtering & identify certain additional keywords or senders that should be designated as safe or blocked.

In the beginning, all suspicious mail should be sent to the sorting bin rather than the shredder. Only after confirming that the logic is correct should the user set the highest level of filtering to send more envelopes to the shredder.

An optional attachment can package the shreddings & deposit them at the curb-side for recycling pick-up.

Legal disclaimer: Users will hold the inventor & sellers harmless for the consequences of Type I & Type II errors. Type I errors are failures to filter envelopes that should have been designated as junkmail. Type II errors are filtering out mail which should not have been disposed.

You can imagine that shredding a birthday card from Aunt Edith might be inconvenient, while shredding certain legal notices, bills, & checks would be more serious. Caution is advised.

2thlesswithta2s, Jan 31 2009

Junk Mail Separator Junk_20Mail_20Separator
Same idea, I think. [phoenix, Jan 31 2009]


       The postal service has all of the infrastructure to do this, but they would never because they get much of their money from mass mailings.
Spacecoyote, Jan 31 2009


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