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Junk mail sorter

Please post generically addressed advertising through the letterbox on the right
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The recent flap about The Sun posting their crap to all and sundry made me realise the solution to everyone's problems:

The postman must deliver all post to its destination and can't choose not to, even if signs are up saying 'No junk mail' or 'The Sun is not welcome here', so what is required is a second letterbox in everyone's doors for junk mail only.

Behind the junk letterbox would be a small frame holding a bin bag open to save the faff and temper of the householder. Of course this would mean more work for the postman, but once these letter boxes are in wide use, junk mail will start to be bundled together rather than being mixed with the real desirable post, thus actually saving time at the sorting office.

This seems like something that would already be half or fully baked, but I couldn't find it already, so appoligies if my searching has been insufficient.

TomP, Jun 14 2014

Similar idea #1 Junk_20Mail
A nearby bin. [TomP, Jun 14 2014]

Similar idea #2 Mailcycling_20box_3...nmail_20your_20Junk
A split letterbox for returning junk to be recycled. [TomP, Jun 14 2014]


       Something between the two [links] - of course my version wouldn't stop the bastard pizza companies from personally delivering their gumph as they don't use Royal Mail like the rest of the world.
TomP, Jun 14 2014

       A single junk mail box for the entire apartment complex would make the postman's job easier. Stop there first, empty most of the load.   

       Just putting up such a box would be therapeutic, even if it never was used.
popbottle, Jun 14 2014

       If you put up a box or something marked "bulk", the postie will drop it in there.
FlyingToaster, Jun 14 2014


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