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Junk Mail Separator

No More Daily Mail Annoyances
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An extension on the mailbox with a conveyor attachment zips your mail along, electronically scanning for key phrases such as "You may already be a winner!"; "Time dated material enclosed"; or "To the Folks At:". A keypad allows the user to program additional phrases of their choice. Once an offending missive has been identified, a slot opens to a shredder/compressor that adds water and re-forms the slurry into a shape of your choice. Need fresh insulation for your home? How about a log for the fire? The possibilities are endless.
Rm Brz, Mar 11 2002

Junk Mail collection http://www.halfbake...om/idea/Junk_20Mail
By [Danzarak] [phoenix, Mar 11 2002]


       Already quasiHalf-Baked.
phoenix, Mar 11 2002

       In Canada, you can safely throw out anything labeled "Bulk" or "Addressed Admail".
andrewm, Nov 02 2002

       Stale link removed.
phoenix, Aug 30 2003


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