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Mailbox bank tube

inhouse tube delivery
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I have yet to own my own home (single family, 2 acres). When I do, I will build this idea into my home. I have researched this idea to no avail. I want to know what you people think. I will build into my mailbox, a system much like banks have for there drive up service. Instead of me walking out to the box to pickup mail, I will stand in my kitchen (butt naked on a cold snowy Monday), push a button and have the mail sucked to me in my kitchen. Just as tho I was a bank teller myself summoning the mail. Just being able to say that alone is worth the price of installation, "that's right sir, every weekday I have my mail sucked to me."
SuperHole, Oct 12 2006


       See "Curb Side Blow Job", up there ^.
Shz, Oct 12 2006

       [m-f-d] duplicate
Voice, Sep 21 2007


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