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Clog no more!
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This is a vacuum cleaner that detects clogs in the line and blasts them with subsonic sound waves to loosen 'em up and clear 'em out. At the same time, a shutter valve rapidly blocks and unblocks the end of the tube at a rate of 8 frames per second to create a wavering pressure to assist in loosening the clog.
21 Quest, Sep 21 2009

Subwoofer Air Cleaner http://www.halfbake...fer_20Air_20Cleaner
Related Idea [csea, Sep 22 2009]


       Will it detect/loosen shoes as well?
coprocephalous, Sep 22 2009

       See [link]

       I have subsequently surmised that the dust is collected by the dc component provided by the amplifier cooling fan.
csea, Sep 22 2009

       Nice, Chuck! Read and bunned. Copro... good one. That took me a while.
21 Quest, Sep 22 2009

       I don't know about this. My shopvacs get clogs like you wouldn't believe. Poking at them with a stick is the only way I'm afraid. I'm talking rockhard clogs, huge basterds.
zeno, Sep 22 2009

       Have you tried putting the hose near a subwoofer and clamping your hand over the nozzle in a shutter motion a few times? Works pretty good on my Eureka upright.
21 Quest, Sep 22 2009

       Don't have a subwoofer, but I'll try if I get the chance.
zeno, Sep 22 2009

       I usually deploy an extended wire coat-hanger to unblock mine, but I really like the idea of a hoover with a built in sub-woofer. +
xenzag, Sep 22 2009

       That's a reason to add a croissant if ever there was one.
xenzag, Sep 22 2009

       I'm with [bigsleep] - it should be renamed the "didger-I'd-rather-you-didn't"
coprocephalous, Sep 22 2009

       I like the idea. Perhaps the shutter valve would be more efficient between the tube and the cleaner, opening and closing a link to the open air. In a well-and-truly clogged tube, there is no suction on the tube end anymore, so opening/closing that part will make no difference. Also: ~20Hz would fit nicely into my ambient music.
loonquawl, Sep 22 2009

       I kept reading the last line as 'loosening the dog' which gave me all kinds of horrible images about vacuums, pets, and the brown note.
RayfordSteele, Sep 25 2009

       ^ Reminds me of what happened with my thermite rocket plunger and the toilet dogs.   

       Anyway, I'll have to try the op en-an d-clo se-th e-ho se-ne ar-a-su bwoofer method sometime. At Protospace, we have several vacuum cleaners whose hoses sometimes get clogged, as well as some reasonably powerful subwoofers. Is a frequency sweep a good idea?
notexactly, Oct 01 2019


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