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Human Dry Cleaning

For days when you just don't have time to have a shower AND get dried...
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and hey, it'd be fun.
mac cartel, Dec 24 2000


       ya might wanna elaborate on the traditional dry cleaning process for us poor ignorant savages in the Wild West.
arghblah, Dec 24 2000

       Dry cleaning uses as an essential part of the cleansing process a chemical called perchloroethylene ("perc") that is quite toxic, so I doubt you'd want to immerse yourself in it for too awfully long. Assuming you're proposing using traditional dry cleaning methods.   

       (And, yeah, it's an old idea, but what the heck. I had an extra two cents rattling around in my pocket.)
jester, May 30 2002

       Bad idea! Bad!
sidi, Jan 24 2004


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