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HennaDEET as well as HennaSPF are orders of magnitude longer lasting

Make transparent sunscreen that actually combines with Keratin rather like Henna Also Make HennaDEET to repel bugs more than a year
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It would be marvelous to have an apply once every few months transparent sunscreen

The Michael reaction that links keratin to henna is configured to attach to a sunscreen molecule. I have read that during the 20th century photoaging was the bulk of visible aging Thus three month sunscreen would be a beneficial cosmetic as well

Minimize Malaria with transparent HennaDEET Scientific American August 2008 states that DEET lasts 17.5 days Noting that Hair is keratin, a keratin reactive version of DEET could repel bugs for years as a transparent coating on head or even microhairs

As regards to preventing malaria tests a variety of Keratin reactive DEETs or even other insecticides could verify that keratin reacted DEET was still active

Noting that numerous bioassays use polymer attached reagents yet are still functional the KeratinDEET may still be effective

DEET bonded to head hair or skin might actually be measured as much less physioaccumulative than reapplications of a liquid to the skin thus actually reducing both quantity as well as circulating plasma levels of the chemical.

These are public domain ideas with a variation!

You can invent this before me to create profitable proprietary materials!

I will be fully describing my chemical version after June 7 (like which Benzone like avobenzone I think is most likely to be restructured as keratin reactive as well as the a suggested keratin reactive version of the DEET molecule)

The reader can thus create intellectual property ahead of me that creates financial incentives to spread the technology

beanangel, May 27 2011

The Michael reaction that attaches henna to keratin http://en.wikipedia...ki/Michael_reaction
[beanangel, May 27 2011]

The chemistry of Henna at wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawsone
[beanangel, May 27 2011]

Health implications of prolonged DEET exposure. http://www.atsdr.cd...ratory-animals.html
Although the compound seems relatively begnin it is a toxin and can apparently increase the effects of other neurotoxins. [WcW, May 27 2011]


       Beany!!!!!!!! Where have you been??? I missed you! Good to have you back.   

MaxwellBuchanan, May 27 2011

       Doesnt the DEET need to be volatile to work? How do the bugs smell it if it is covalently bonded to hair?   

       Sunscreen on the other hand should work fine this way. +.   

       But even more fun: more colors than boring old henna! Hook dyes onto henna for colorful permutations!
bungston, May 27 2011

       DEET DOES NOT NEED TO BE APPLIED TO THE BODY. do not apply DEET to the skin, apply to clothing or backpack. Do not inhale.
WcW, May 27 2011

       [beany], welcome back!   

       Can you make a drinkable alcoholic version? Or a KoolAid version for the kiddies? (Might want to sell the stuff out of the trunk of a nondescript car until the formula is refined and the kill ratio goes down...)   

       No matter! Bun, just for showing up again. [+]
Grogster, May 28 2011

       [WcW] I agree; I've always applied insect repellents to clothing rather than skin. About the best thing that can be said about DEET is that it works, and it's better than having malaria.
spidermother, May 28 2011

       I think the stuff is amazing. Likely it has saved many many lives. The people who really need it cannot afford it and the people who can afford it use it to gross excess. I am specifically concerned about the interaction between DEET exposure and amplified damage from pyrethrins. With human and plant sources so common individuals cannot effectively be aware of exposure levels. By maintaining a high load on the systems that metabolize this family of aromatics the risk of chronic and acute exposure is increased. It is my opinion that many cases of neurological harm attributed to compounds with low laboratory toxicity are due to overloading of the disposal pathways of these toxins by chronic exposure to analogous compounds of a seemingly benign nature.
WcW, May 28 2011

       reading all the ingedients at sunscreen I noticed that silica was listed   

       Thats an opportunity to make little silica rounds with IR UV absorptive cores such that the silica is frequency specific UV IR absorbent. It might be nonvisible as well There is this effect when they nanosize TiO2 it becomes smaller than visible light thus goes translucent rather than visible yet absorbs UV The custom frequency silica rounds could be similar yet screen custom frequencies   

       If they did minimize the light frequencies of aging research on nude mice then cosmetics could have the silica absorber core custom frequency which seems to go well with the extreme advertising these products have. Also as mere silica surface rounds it might be FDA preapproved.
beanangel, Jun 08 2011


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