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I can 'sea' U

See through bath with double layer aquarium
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It would be wonderful to have a bath with fish swimming around me, but not actually in the water. A double layered bath made of toughened pyrex with enough space between the layers to house tropical fish - this would also keep the bath water temp warmer for longer. It would also be funny (or maybe not) if anyone else needed to use the bathroom at the same time
gizmo, May 02 2002

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       where do the fish go when you pull the plug?
po, May 02 2002

       The bath is double skinned, the water in the bath has nothing to do with the water within the two layers of pyrex.The fish would probably swim to the back of the bath when the plug is pulled out because they might hear the water swishing away and be a little worried.
gizmo, May 02 2002

       Thank you bliss. It was tasty, chocolate chip buns - my favorite.
gizmo, May 02 2002

       bris...how about illustrating this one? Could be fun and colorful!   

       giz, great idea! I picture them able to access all four sides of a tub...how about extending the "fish tank" up to about 4' in height at the back of the tub so that you have a place to access the fish to feed them? Have you researched the temperature that tropical fish need to kept at? What is it compared to average bath temperature?   

       ...this lad's a genius.....
runforrestrun, May 02 2002

       I love this idea giz. I find the thought of having a bath rather boring, a waste of time, but once in there, really relax. This idea would have me longing to get in and watch my fishies. Could it have an extra depth underneath for shells and coral.
arora, May 02 2002

       I have a six year old goldfish called 'Black 'n' Orange' but now he is just 'Orange', don't know where his black spot went, but he would love swimming around the outside of my bath, and maybe under, so much more room. Fun day out for fishies.
gizmo, May 02 2002

       //and be a little worried.// only our dear gizmo could say that. I wish I could croissant that remark.
po, May 02 2002

       sorry, petrified to be honest, but as fish only have a memory of 4 seconds, they would turn round before they got to the rear of the bath, totally forgetting what they were frightened of - I think - maybe (black and orange would - oops, 'Orange' would).
gizmo, May 02 2002

       You know, Gizmo, maybe the fish "Black and Orange" is only "orange" now because, well...it could perhaps be a different fish? Maybe you would be best to ask your mother, and keep us posted.
[ sctld ], May 02 2002

       {sctld], I was thinking the same thing but I didn't want to upset him. Maybe the black spot just faded with age...after all, six is pretty darn old for a goldfish. Most people would have gone through two or three in that time.....
runforrestrun, May 02 2002

       Well i had a Goldfish that was older than that and it turned out that it was 'replaced' by a similar one.
[ sctld ], May 02 2002

       You'd have to run a lukewarm bath. If you used hot water, the heat would transfer though to the fish water and raise their temperature beyond healthy levels.
waugsqueke, May 02 2002

       I know for sure that black and orange changed colour because he eats orange food and now the rest of the fish in the tank are orange (one used to be completely black (called Blacky - he is now called Orange also) I watched the progression of the black spot fading.
gizmo, May 02 2002

       If you used some modern insulation techniques, double-paning, etc, you might be able to achieve a sufficient R-value to keep the water the right temp. Not certain, I'd have to run some numbers.
RayfordSteele, May 03 2002

       I know my mum would have told me if my fish had died. She broke the news to my twin (some years ago) when "Lurp" (a white goldfish) snuffed it.   

       "I loved my fish more than persketti" he cried. (he loves pasta).
gizmo, May 03 2002

       gizmo has a twin! 'bakers, we're only getting half of the good stuff - giz, introduce him/her please?
sappho, May 03 2002

       he's already here, that's all I'm saying for now..... guess who!
gizmo, May 03 2002

       <stern voice> shouldn't you be at school just now? </stern voice>
sappho, May 03 2002

       2 inset days.
gizmo, May 03 2002

       thats In-Service Training for Teachers (children not required to attend) as you were gizmo.
po, May 03 2002

       I'm not sure that the fish will appreciate the view that they will have to put up with.
DrBob, May 03 2002

       constantly updated three-second memories of painful images, you mean? ooh. we may need to offer these fish some PTSD counselling.
ok, I believe you giz. But perhaps that biology homework would take you to the page about optimum temperatures for tropical fish, as someone asked before.
sappho, May 03 2002

       The thickness of the pyrex would have to be increased to deflect the heat of the bath by about 30*f, by my calculations this would make it about   

|--------------------| ---this thick
gizmo, May 03 2002

       I refuse to believe this would be difficult to implement. I remember an advertisement (from years ago) for the paper industry where a chick (chicken type) was placed in what appeared to be a cardboard box which was placed in a pot of boiling water. And so it went while the announcer spoke for 30 seconds or so. Then the box was removed, opened and out popped the chick - none the worse for having been boiled.   

       Now, paper (especially corrugated) and glass/plastic are two different beasts, but....
phoenix, May 03 2002

       2 and a half cr's in one day. Something about aquariums in weird places seems to appeal to this crowd.
RayfordSteele, May 03 2002

       The toilet thing was the first idea, but I thouht it was a bit yukky really!! - No, to be truly honest, my first thought on this was see thrugh pans, which my mum told me had been baked, then loos.
gizmo, May 03 2002

       Hi gizmo you know who i am. i think this is a brill idea and i would love to have a i can 'sea' U bath.
wkd_man, May 04 2002

       Oh well, <sighs> two gizmo's was too much to expect. this other one might be fun though.
po, May 04 2002

       cleaning the bath was never much fun.
po, May 04 2002

       A wonderful idea which I'd love myself! However, you are going to have to come up with a way of cleaning the 'tank' as Rods Tiger says. This really is vital!Otherwise, after a while you won't be able to see the fish through the brown water and the green algae which invariably covers the side of fish tanks. Afraid I'm going to have to be different and fishbone this for now. When you come up with a feasible cleaning mechanism you are welcome to a croissant!
ferret, May 04 2002

       Sorry [po] 'wkd man' is my friend, (a newbie - so please be nice) - my brother has been here about the same length of time as me, and had a couple of ok-ish ideas.   

       [ferret] I already thought of this one, half fill the bath with lovely clean water, open the special sealed door to release fish and water into the bath, close the door, let fish play whilst draining all the water out of the outer tanks through a plug devise near the bottom of the tank, wipe the glass, fill half full with clean water, then let the fish back in, some of the old diluted water would also go in, but that is OK, fish need some muck to help them.   

       Rods: how did frogs get in there?
gizmo, May 04 2002

       Hmm... 1970s... disco... goldfish in shoe soles.
ThotMouser, May 05 2002

       Can you add a combination shower - salmon falls?
FarmerJohn, May 05 2002

gizmo, May 05 2002

       My cats would like to know if they can vote also - x 3
arora, May 05 2002

bristolz, May 05 2002

       Ohh - go on. - please?
arora, May 05 2002

       I fail to see why your cats would like this idea, aren't the fish behind 3.5 cm of pyrex?
gizmo, May 05 2002

       Baked, or very nearly so: in the 007 movie Diamonds are Forever, some Vegas hotel room had a round bed that had a wrap-around aquarium. The central area had a mattress, but that could easily be replaced by some kind of tub.
Maestro, May 06 2002

       Since the curvature of the tub would magnify the view above, all the fish would get concussions trying to swim into the sea cavern(s).
FarmerJohn, May 06 2002

       Unabubba:wrong keep guessing, and ferret where is my croissant.
gizmo, May 06 2002

       I knew that - really!
gizmo, May 06 2002

       how about 2 seperate baths one inside the other so that the inside one can be lifted out for cleaning
chud, May 06 2002

       giz: My cats would be happy just to sit and watch - all day.
arora, May 07 2002

       does that include taste? M.
po, May 07 2002

       Worthy of a bun.   

       However, wouldn't it give you the creeps if piranhas were swimming around you?
drew_uk, May 07 2002

       I don't think it would feel very nice if piranhas were bitng you either.
gizmo, May 08 2002

       Well, that *does* depend on your personal taste, I 'spose..
yamahito, May 08 2002

       <wrings cap in hands>   

       Uhh.. with all due respect, *I'd* feel creepified if piranhas were in the tank, even if there was no chance they could get out..   

       </cap wringing>
yamahito, May 08 2002

       drew-drew, barney Mcgrew: The choice of fish is optional, if you are wary of piranhas - don't put them in the tank - doh.   

       Personally I would prefer the very titchy tiny things that swin in a group, but look like a large fish at a glance.
arora, May 08 2002

       ...... into a ....
arora, May 08 2002

       Somewhat late in the day (because I've only just got back in town and read Gizmo's brilliant idea) how about (ref: Farmer John) having salmon leaping upshower for spawning purposes.
maggie, May 08 2002

       giizmo - OK, that sounds possible, However, please explain how you would 'wipe' the inside of the tank clean? I mean, how would you get your arm inside the tank, with the bath in the way?   

       I have the solution: Use a magnetic cleaner, one side in the tank with a velcro scouring pad on it, the other outside the tank with a small handle on it. Then, as you move the handle round outside, the scourer moves around on the inside also. It would work but you'd need very strong magnets for 3.5 cm of perspex!   

       OK, croissant........but I get some credit ;-)
ferret, May 09 2002

       Add some snails. They will clean the glass for you.
neelandan, May 09 2002

       ...or some of those sucker fish.
mcscotland, May 09 2002

       yes, those are both good ideas. However, i found it dosnt matter how many of the buggers you get, the slime always takes over in the end!!!
ferret, May 09 2002


       which end?   

yamahito, May 09 2002

       your end! ;-)
ferret, May 09 2002

       [ferret] I was imagining a sponge on a flexable stick for cleaning the glass, but the magnet thing sounds good.   

       [maggie] A perspex tube could be attached to the bath to carry water up to the ceiling with a sort of waterfall effect for the salmon to leap up. GM salmon/goldfish to make them small but leapy.
gizmo, May 10 2002

       Why does the wall have to be so thick? Just double-wall the thing and the R-value should improve nicely. Thermoses are capable of maintaining this temperature difference without all the beef, (although they're not made of clear plastic).
RayfordSteele, May 11 2002

       Or better yet- double wall the tub and fill the void between the two walls with cold water that is on its way to the faucet. This will simultaneously keep the fish tank cool while recovering wasted heat from the tub water.
gastronaut, Jul 11 2002

       The fish would die from the rapid water temperature changes.
Almafeta, Dec 10 2002

       Actually, gizmo covered that problem   

       //The thickness of the pyrex would have to be increased to deflect the heat of the bath by about 30*f, by my calculations this would make it about |--------------------| ---this thick gizmo, May 03 2002 //
Marassa, Dec 10 2002

       For all who have once-black-now-orange goldfish. They all start out dark!! From olivey brown to black as fry they gradually turn orange, some faster than others and the occasional one remains black. This dark colour is the wild form and is often found in captive bred goldfish. There are problems with this...the sides of a bath are not going to offer much swimming space, there is no oppurtunity for gas exchange, where's the filter?, [gizmo] raw tap water is not suitable for any fish to live in and goldfish certainly do not only have 4 second memories. They can also live for 20 years and more so a 6 year old is still a baby.   

       Lastly, goldfish are luckily tough and so often survive being kept in sorely inadequate tanks/bowls etc . The fact that they are so easy to acquire and cheap means that people treat them as expendable decorations as does this idea. They are just as worthy of proper and responsible care as any other pet. If you have/wish to have a goldfish as a pet, please go to a pet shop or library and READ UP on it first. It will provide you with invaluable information that will (hopefully) extend your pets life and, after all, you love your goldy dontcha?? No wonder..Me too.
squeak, Jan 18 2003

       my fish is seven
gizmo, Apr 02 2003

po, Apr 02 2003

       Having a water filter outside of the bath is not difficult - i havent really looked but you can probably get them at the moment, and sucker fish can clean algae off the edges. So do many moluscs.
miasere, Apr 02 2003

       I'll take your word for it
gizmo, Apr 03 2003

       don't know if anyone else has ever witnessed (or been the cause of) a pyrex bowl breaking, but it is not pretty. i dropped my supposedly indestructable pyrex bowl in the sink, and it made a sound like a gunshot and shattered into a million wedge shaped blades. much more dangerous than ordinary glass.   

       don't know what perspex is, but i was thinking plexiglas would probably be good, although i don't know how it stands up to high temperatures...
urbanmatador, Apr 03 2003

       My mum had a goldfish who lived for 23 years, before unceremoniously bursting into two pieces (ugh) three years ago. I always remember feeling guilty because it just looked so booooored. Now with this idea, my mum's mind won't *swim* with anxiety when the new fish comes. Good job, gizmo.
monkeyseemonkeydo, Apr 03 2003

       how did it split in two?
gizmo, Apr 03 2003

       [Fog] – your two anno’s are gross. [msmd] – I second [gizmo]’s question. Sure it wasn’t a starfish? [gizmo], croissant – my first read of this idea.
Shz, Apr 04 2003

       Oh...this is a lovely, lovely idea...but I'm afraid I have some bad news. I think this has already been done! I recently (maybe two weeks ago) saw the patent for it in the newspaper. I'm so sorry!
ghettotwix, Jun 07 2003

       The temperature change cuased by drawing a hot bath would kill the fish
jvanzand, Jun 17 2003

       The algae/scum problem can be solved. One of my favorite bars has a fish tank bar top. It's a huge horseshoe-shaped salt water fish tank, but it's only 2.5' wide and 6" deep. It cost over $3M to build and because of its surface area to volume ratio and lack of openings through which it could be cleaned, it took the designer 6 months to figure out the right mix of pumps, hydroponic plants, ornamental fish and snails to keep the water clean. It's a bit unnerving to see a fishie swimming under your 6th whiskey or an anemone reaching for your peanuts, but it's worth it.   

       Double-paning would probably be the best way to reduce heat problems, but the space would have to be a vacuum. If you run water through it, you have to worry about keeping that clean, too. High-end window manufacturers pump a gas between the panes that improves the windows' R-value. Maybe lots of small peltier-cooled pumps would do the rest?
Fester, Jun 17 2003

       Fester, how bout a link to the bar...or a pic. It sounds quite interesting
senatorjam, Jun 17 2003

       (SJ) I'll try to remember my camera the next time I go. The place changed ownership again ("Crabs" on Pensacola Beach), no web site yet.
Fester, Jun 17 2003

       gt: Do you think they might have stolen the idea from here?
gizmo, Jul 28 2003

       Heh, love this.
DesertFox, Jan 27 2006

       + wow, from the days of 62buns! I hadn't bunned it before.
xandram, Jun 17 2010


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