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Gaijin Bathtub

No more stooping to wash the doggies
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--Japanese restaurants that cater to folks who aren't limber enough to sit cross-legged thru a meal offer 'gaijin' tatami rooms that have holes under the tables, where customers can put their feet. --So why not apply this trick to bathtubs? All that's required is a slot in the floor in front of the bathtub that's big enough to get one's legs into, so that when one faces the inevitable task of **washing the dog** (or cat, wee one, etc) the back-breaking part of the experience is left out? -An upscale refinement: add a cheapie hydraulic lift (less than $100 at Harbor Freight!) so floor depth could be adjustable.
Steamboat, May 10 2005


       who washes their dog/cat cross legged? They already make tubs you can sit in.   

       Gaijin. I love that word.   

       Also the new all the rage items are regular items designed for people who weigh half a ton.
SpocksEyebrow, May 10 2005

       But tatami is a woven grass mat - - how does this interface with a bath?
contracts, May 10 2005

       You call yours [wee one] ? That's not exactly positive advertising.
normzone, May 10 2005

       I picture this as wearing the bathtub like a pair of pants, more or less. For washing, the cat, I would want the bathtub to come all the way up to my waist. For washing the wee one, I suppose it would have to ride a little lower.   

       I suppose that on those rare occasions one wants to wash ones feet and legs, you could put it on upside-down.
bungston, Feb 07 2006


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