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Individual Coffee Bean Espresso

Each coffee bean gets individually espresso'd
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This all came about from every Wednesday when we go up for a coffee the bloody grinder just didn't stop while you were trying to have a quiet pleasant coffee... Wednesday being the day when all the new freshly roasted coffee arrived...so

I thought it would be a lot easier if there was a machine you loaded all the coffee into at the top and each bean fell into the group and was individually steamed to produce one little drop of pure yummy coffee. By forcing the steaming water through each bean you would end up with the same amount of waste but you would avoid the whole grinding business.

Well it may not actually work but it would be fun watching each bean fall from a height of about two metres into the group and then processed into a cuppa.


Supercruiser, Jun 20 2003


       If you superheat the steam, maybe you can make the coffee beans explode like popcorn. No, wait, this was supposed to be a quiet solution.
st3f, Jun 20 2003

       Why not just really good sound insulation around the grinder? It works on dish washers and recording studios.
demtangs, Jun 20 2003


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