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Instant Dirt

An "almost useless" idea.
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Sometimes I prefer the description ‘almost useless ideas’ to ‘halfbaked ideas’. My favourite as an example, is my spray-can of Instant Dirt. Just think of the impossibilities. “Doing the dirt on so and so’, will have a new meaning. Instant Dirt comes in three grades : Grade 1 e.g. for husband’s mothers visiting to spray in hidden corners - easy wipe-off. Grade 2 e.g. for cleaning-gang supervisors to trap slackers with - slightly sticky and hard to get off. Grade 3 for politicians and party members to spray on each other - difficult to remove and it pongs !
rayfo, Aug 15 2000

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       How about road dirt, to lend credibility to the "I had a flat tire" excuse.
Scott_D, Aug 15 2000


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