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sexy voice spray

for that "just woke up" sexy voice any time of the day
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Combination breah freshener spray and vocal chord tightener that gives that deep, throaty, sexy voice like Kathleen Turner.
gregw, Aug 11 2000

Love Potion No. 9 http://us.imdb.com/Title?0102343
The movie turtle and I referenced [AfroAssault, Aug 11 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       ..just so long as a lady doesn't use too much and end up sounding like Barry White.

Wouldn't it be a vocal chord _loosener_ anyway?
Jim, Aug 11 2000

       ...Or a guy use it and end up sounding like Kathleen Turner
polkamon, Aug 11 2000

       Huh! As a man (for lack of a better term), I rather prefer that 'I just woke up, isn't my voice gravelly and cool' voice. I wish that I could sound like that all day. I'd rather imagine a sexy voice spray doing exactly the opposite of what you proposed here, gregw.   

       I suppose the loosen/tighten would depend on your perceived-gender preference...
absterge, Aug 11 2000

       I'm all for it as long as it doesn't make you sound like you smoke eight packs a day. That's a complete turnoff.
mrthingy, Aug 29 2000

       Sounds like a twist off a movie, "Love Potion No. 9" (I think that's the title)
turtle, Sep 03 2000

       If its just phone calls\recordings of your voice which you want a sexy voice for, try laying on your back on a bed. Thats how some records are made anyway - some artists (whose names (in?)conveniently escape me) record some of their vocals.   

       Also, i'm sure there is something you can inhale to loosen your vocal chords. I believe its butane, but i couldnt be sure. (Helium works for tightening)
Hans, Aug 28 2001

       Uh, no. Helium does what it does because it's less dense than normal air.
StarChaser, Aug 31 2001

       [turtle] - exactly what I was thinking, and you nailed the movie title.

[Hans] - What you are thinking about is that Electronics Duster (you're supposed to spray it on your computer to blow dust away). However, huffing it will REALLY FUCK YOU UP. Watched a couple of friends do this, you can blow fire if you breath it out onto a flame, and while you talk your voice sounds like a tape in slow-motion. However, each time they did this, they would pass out with their eyes open for periods of about 10 seconds to 2 minutes, and then not remember it at all. I don't suggest trying it.
AfroAssault, Sep 21 2001

       warning inhaling butane is a killer surely?
po, Sep 23 2001

       Gravel-voiced being a term often used, would gargling with gravel each morning be a cheaper and more eco-friendly alternative?   

       Also. Tell me. Does feeling a little horse actually require that one does so to produce the effect?
Mygo, Oct 16 2001


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