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Virtual Shower

Imitates the experience of a real shower, as an aid to creativity
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While this is obviously not a problem for halfbakers, many in the creative fields are called upon to come up with a "big idea" on a moment's notice, only to find themselves victims of complete creative block. The response is often to mumble "Let me sleep on it" which really translates into "Let me think about this while I am in the shower and get back to you"

The Virtual Shower attempts to re-create the experience of taking a shower, while not actually taking one, to help get the creative juices flowing. The main component of the VS is a large flexible haptic force-feedback pad (1-2 ft. diameter) which is placed in a relevant location (traditionally on the head and shoulders area, but it could be anywhere, really). The Haptic pad has a large array of tactile force-feedback switches which together create the impression of water droplets hitting the body. The switches can be programmed to simulate a wide variety of showerheads, from coarse to fine. The basic kit also comes with a physical modeling water sound synthesizer and headphones, to create the appropriate sound for the amount of water being simulated. Finally there is a virtual bar of soap, a computer-mouse like contraption with a bunch of rollers on its surface that the user can manipulate like, well, a bar of soap.

The deluxe version would add a small steam generator (much like an air humidifier but more powerful and focused) and a microphone/reverberation unit, such that the user can sing while "showering" and get the sound qualities of the specified shower enclosure.

The basic version can be hauled out and used pretty much anywhere at any time when inspiration is needed. In additon, unlike in a real shower, the user can be seated, or even lying down for the experience.

The deluxe version would require either a private room or much more tolerant office mates. The steam unit might also cause your computer to get all wonky, so care in placement is advised.

And yes, this idea came while in the shower.

IronyChef, May 14 2007

description of tactile feedback systems http://haptic.mech....TactileDisplay.html
[IronyChef, May 14 2007]

physical modeling of sounds http://www.harmony-.../Physical_Modeling/
[IronyChef, May 14 2007]


       I have heard that a lot of people get ideas whilst sitting on the toilet...so an office chair with a hole cut in the seat might work, too.
(not my bone)
xandram, May 14 2007

       Hmmmmm. I guess it's true- halfbakers are already well stocked with creative juices....
IronyChef, Jun 14 2007


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