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a better way to fit in
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If you want to look cool, but have no money, then, my friend, the iFraud (tm) is for you. It consists of a white pair of headphones that don't actually plug into anything (just your pocket) to mimic iPod users, a small circuit that mimics the most classic cheesy cell phone rings to go off at regular intervals (like in the middle of a meeting/class), and a PDA/PocketPC like device, complete with stylus, but no internal electronics.. You can be the most hip kat in town, and only pay about $10. (and no monthly phone/iTunes bills!)
kumpf, Mar 03 2005

(?) Looks like an iPod http://www.ipodloun...php?id=2719_0_7_0_C
[not_only_but_also, Mar 04 2005]


       They should send you fake bills, too, so that you can show them to others & chat about the prices.
phundug, Mar 03 2005

       Bills as thick as phone books for extra status.   

       Perhaps this could be manufactured and marketed by the same company that makes those fake security cameras.
bristolz, Mar 03 2005

       excuse me, I just gotta take this call, be right back.
zeno, Mar 04 2005

       Hilarious. This is the techie's version of fake Louis Vuitton bags. I like [phundug]'s fake bills bit, too.
Machiavelli, Mar 04 2005

       oh, and how about some of those "Authentic" stickers to put on the bills of all of my hats to give them that fresh "in" look. :)
kumpf, Mar 04 2005

       Oddly enough, I used to do this on the bus to avoid having to talk to some of the crazies that like to chat about their love of trucks/hookers/baking soda/and the ever so enjoyable 25 Minute Story About Getting the Clap. It's even better when you get to make up your own words to sing along with. "Yeah yeah I just stabbed somebody. Yeah yeah then I took his wallet. Yeah yeah I'm gonna do it again and there's nothing you can do to stop me, my friend."
AfroAssault, Mar 04 2005

       It's ironic that it's exactly those sort of people that I avoid on the bus.
wagster, Mar 04 2005

       Get mugged and have the last laugh!
calum, Mar 04 2005


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